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Farage legal case:
We won!

Thank you to the 16,432 incredibly generous supporters who made this possible.
We will continue to take on anyone who engages in false news and smears – join us.
Farage legal case: we won!
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The longest secret comes to an end
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Undercover inside Britain's new far right
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HOPE not hate explains… The Cult of Kek

The meme, like the Alternative Right as a whole, is simultaneously utterly puerile and dangerous. Both wings of the broader Alternative Right – the ‘Western…

15/11/2017 - David Lawrence
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HNH explains… How the alt-right is funded

While most Alternative Right activists are not open with their identity and are only active on online forums and social media in their free-time, there…

06/11/2017 - Patrik Hermansson
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Nick Griffin launches massive attack on the alt-right

Earlier this year I had the (dubious) pleasure of being surrounded in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, by a host of old and new, uniformed alt-…

16/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Whatever Happened To ….. Part VII

As part of an entirely irregular series of catch-up’s with members of the far-right we have not heard about in a while, we endeavour to…

15/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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