Whether it is the election of Trump in America, the worrying performance of right-wing populists in Europe or the rise of the so-called Alt-Right, we currently face a growing and resurgent radical and far right.

We’ve brought together leading scholars and activists from across North America and Europe to discuss these developments and to ask whether together they amount to a fundamental challenge to multiculturalism and liberal democracy.

The keynote address will be delivered by world-leading expert on populism, Associate Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia, Cas Mudde.

Follow the discussion and debate below – we’ll be posting updates from the conference throughout the day.

Nick Ryan July 14, 20173:38 pm

Thanks to everyone who came today – we’re now finished for the day.

Nick Ryan July 14, 20173:34 pm

White men are the persecuted people, according to the Alt-Right – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:22 pm

If we’re waiting for a movement to build up to join and fight against the alt-right, we’ll be too late and lose the war – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:21 pm

Before there was a social cost if you joined an organisations like the national front. But these people can be anyone. They can just go home and orchestrate vile antisemitic campaigns against someone they’ve never met- Mulhall.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:20 pm

This is an international movement working across borders so we need to envisage it as a transatlantic movement – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:19 pm

The alt-light is less extreme in terms of race but is just as dangerous as the alt-right and in some cases, can be even more dangerous – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:18 pm

Real danger in anti-racism is that we wait for racist organisations to emerge. These organisations might not manifest itself publicly, operate online and attempt to shift culture – Mulhall

Nick Ryan July 14, 20173:17 pm

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:12 pm

The notion of chivalry in the Manosphere is paradoxical to notions of promotion of rape and violence against women in the same circles – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:10 pm

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:09 pm

The Manosphere is important to understand as intrinsic part of the far right – Mulhall

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:06 pm

The Manosphere – they claim to be the male equivalent to feminism although it usually just opposes it – Mulhall

Nick Ryan July 14, 20173:06 pm

Maatin Patel July 14, 20173:06 pm

This [international alternative right] is a movement that is united by the commonality of what they oppose, but divided by what it is that they oppose about it.

Nick Ryan July 14, 20173:05 pm

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20173:03 pm

Joe Mulhall finishes the day by describing the alt-right and the differences with the alt-light…

Maatin Patel July 14, 20173:03 pm

There is a divide within the international alternative right, along lines of culture and race.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:59 pm

The alt-right represents the overlapping of the European New Right, the American Alternative Right, and online antagonist communities.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:57 pm
Broadly speaking the International Alternative Right is a set of groups and individuals, whose core belief is that ‘white identity’ is under attack by so-called “social justice warriors” and pro-multicultural and liberal elites using political correctness to undermine Western civilisation and the rights of white males.
Put simply the ‘alternative right’ is a far-right, anti-globalist grouping that offers a radical ‘alternative’ to traditional/establishment conservatism.
Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:56 pm

HNH Senior Researcher Dr Joe Mulhall is going to round us off with an in-depth look into the rapidly growing alt-right community.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:31 pm

We’re all part of exclusive clubs that make us think that our path is the right path. –Ahmed

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:20 pm

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:19 pm

In the aftermath of both the EU Referendum result and Donald Trump’s election, Sughra travelled across the Bible belt to meet as many people as possible with different views to her own.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:14 pm

The idea of listening to the other is an essential part of the journey to understand the ongoing political shocks inc. EU ref, Trump, the rise of the far right in Europe, and Black Lives Matter. –Ahmed

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:12 pm

Next up is Sughra Ahmed, a Yale Greenberg World Fellow at Yale University, as well as a Research Associate at St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge. Ahmed was formerly Chair of the Islamic Society of Britain, a national grassroots organisation, who specialises in interfaith relations.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:09 pm

On the othering of Muslims: Last year, Francois Hollande in the same breath called for Muslim women to be given equal footing in society while calling for their liberation from their religion in order to embrace French values.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:06 pm

In France, 3/4 of reported prejudice against Muslims happens to women due to their overt religious identification (wearing a headscarf)

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:02 pm

In France, multiculturalism officially doesn’t exist. Immigrants are expected to assimilate and to leave the rest of their identities behind.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20172:00 pm

Both France and UK are facing integration challenges – each country is tackling it in a different way.

Safya Khan-Ruf is sharing her experiences and how Muslim communities, especially women, face these challlenges on either side of the Channel.

Maatin Patel July 14, 20171:58 pm
There are real problems in Sweden, which are long-term (e.g. segregation). What has changed is the understanding of these problems. The winner is the far right who invented the narrative of linking immigration to structural problems. The result is such that the number of people who support stopping immigration is increasing.
Maatin Patel July 14, 20171:55 pm
How has nationalism grown in Sweden?
There has been an explosion of alternative news sites, who connect every problem in society to immigration. Despite factions, the far right speaks with one voice to describe what’s happening.
More and more people from the mainstream have begun to tell the same story as to how immigrants are threatening society.
Maatin Patel July 14, 20171:50 pm

However, despite opening its doors, segregation is a real, growing problem in Sweden. Minorities are being left behind when it comes to the things that matter – jobs, health, opportunity. –Poohl

Maatin Patel July 14, 20171:49 pm

Daniel Poohl up first to discuss what’s happening in Sweden.

“Nationalism has a bad reputation in Sweden due to social democratic dominance and the external image of Sweden as the most modern, open, just country in the world. A country that welcomes refugees and that everyone wants to live in. It has created a socially liberal norm.”

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:40 pm
Now the discussion moves to multiculturalism and liberal democracy – is it in crisis?
Daniel Poohl: What’s happening in Sweden? – How the far right turned Sweden from utopia to a deterrent example
Safya Khan-Ruf: Multiculturalism and Integration in France and the UK
Sughra Ahmed: A wind of change for liberal democracy: what does this mean for us?
Maatin Patel July 14, 20171:38 pm

Lots more to discuss this afternoon with our academics, activists, and experts.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:32 pm

The government launched a campaign to keep refugees and immigrants away from Hungary – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:31 pm

Hungary is one of the few countries where the far right couldn’t benefit from the refugee crisis because the government simply became more extreme – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:30 pm

There is a workforce issue in Hungary – the problem is that no one wants to come to Hungary – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:27 pm

They want to crack down on organisations that are funded by Soros – we are funded by Soros, says Peter.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:27 pm

George Soros and Brussels are the arch-enemies of the far right in Hungary – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:26 pm

The far right in Hungary have an element of being proud of their European identity – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:24 pm

The far right wants to become the centrist party in Hungary – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:16 pm

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:15 pm

Mudde talks about the pathological normalcy when it comes to the far right and that is very apt when it comes to Hungary – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:13 pm

Hungary is a predictably depressing country when it comes to the far right – Peter

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20171:10 pm
Lunch break winds down as Péter Krekó prepares to discuss the parallel mainstreamisation of
far-right and extremisation of mainstream: the case study of Hungary. Peter is a social psychologist and political scientist, and the director of Political Capital. He has been working as a Fulbright Visiting Professor in the United States, at the Central Eurasian Studies Department of Indiana University. His main research interests Russian ‘soft power’ policies and political populism and extremism in Europe. He is the member of the presidential board of the Hungarian Political Science Association. He was the co-chair of the PREVENT
working group at the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), and is currently an expert member of the EU RAN Centre of Excellence. He is a member of the the International Consortium on Closing Civic Space (iCon) project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He wrote his PhD thesis on the social psychology of conspiracy theories and defended it in 2014. He is a regular commentator in international media, and a regular contributor to the Reconnecting Europe Series of Heinrich Böll Stiftung Brussels.
Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201712:11 pm

Nick Ryan July 14, 201712:04 pm

On average 2,000 people showing up for PEGIDA demos in Dresden each Monday – Fabian

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201712:01 pm

Future of AfD: Ongoing infighting, shift more to right, enter the national parliament, potential party split – Fabian

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:58 am

AfD is a magnet for national conservative, reactionary and racist nationalist actors – Fabian

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:57 am

The German party presents itself as anti-establishment – ironic as party leadership have long history in politics – Fabian

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:46 am

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:44 am
Fabian Virchow discusses PEGIDA and AfD – the emergence of a nativist and nationalist mass movement in today’s Germany. He is a sociologist and political scientist. He earned his PhD at the
Free University Berlin with an investigation of the German far right’s positions on
military and foreign affairs. Since 2010 he has been professor of social theory and
theories of political action at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. He
also heads the Research Unit on Right-Wing Extremism at the university.
Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:43 am

We may see Marine Le Pen face Marion Maréchal-Le Pen in future election – Camus

Nick Ryan July 14, 201711:41 am

In 2022 the FN will be a totally new party – Jean-Yves Camus

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:41 am

Marion Le Pen believes the National Front needs to stick to identity politics and stop calling for the scrapping of the EU – Camus

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:32 am

A majority of France believes the National Front is a threat to democracy – Camus

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:28 am

Macron did something that seemed impossible a year ago – he totally changed the political map – his party didn’t even exist a year ago! – Camus

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201711:24 am
Jean-Yves Camus discusses the National Front in France. He is Director of the Observatory of Political Radicalism at The Jean Jaurès Foundation and Associate Fellow at the Institut de Relations internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS). He previously a researcher at CERA (Centre Européen de Recherche et d’Action sur le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme) and in charge of research projects for the PNR 40+ “Left-wing Extremism” of Fond National Suisse (2002-2004).
Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:58 am

The centre has allowed radical right to thrive by not confronting xenophobic ideas 10-15 years ago – Paul Stocker

Maatin Patel July 14, 201710:55 am

The radical and extreme right and electorally insignificant, but their ideas are not. The mass media has promoted their messages and the centre has enabled them to thrive – Dr Paul Stocker

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:45 am

The BNP, despite what you may think are not idiots and recognise media has been helping them on immigration – Paul Stocker

Maatin Patel July 14, 201710:44 am

Dr Paul Stocker on the history of the media and the mainstreaming of hate: from 2000-2006, there were 8,163 articles in Express, Mail & Sun on asylum seekers alone, an average of 4 per day.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:41 am

Media had a big role in creating unflattering perception around asylum seekers in the 21st Century – Stocker

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:38 am

Paul Stocker discusses the mainstreaming of hate

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:36 am

There has been a hardening of attitudes towards Muslims with consecutive attacks in the UK. After the Westminster attack there was around 12,000 anti-Muslim tweets but this rose over 20,000 after the Manchester attack – Lowles

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:35 am

Compromise on Brexit will polarise both sides & leave people unhappy, especially those who voted for Brexit – Lowles

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:35 am

The revenge of the Remainers – liberals voted in much larger numbers leading to Labour doing unexpectedly well in last election – Lowles

Maatin Patel July 14, 201710:22 am

Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate, discusses the emerging far right threats in the UK.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:11 am

Leaders of far right have huge followings on social media now – Lowles

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:11 am

Traditional far right is on the decline but the far right is changing – Nick Lowles.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 201710:05 am

Obligatory tea break before Nick Lowles discusses emerging threats in the UK.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20179:57 am

Terrorism doesn’t have to lead to an Islamophobic backlash, but its translated as an attack by global Islam by the media and political groups – Cas Mudde

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20179:50 am

Cas Mudde believes Merkel will be re-elected and that Merkel and Macron have incredible opportunity to move the EU forward.

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20179:48 am

The French parliamentary elections changed the conversation: The media are now asking ‘Is populism dead?’ – Mudde

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20179:43 am

We think the Radical Right is linked to economic failure but it’s non-existent in Spain and Ireland- Mudde

Safya Khan-Ruf July 14, 20179:43 am

Maatin Patel July 14, 20179:42 am

We’re kicking off today’s conference with an opening keynote from Cas Mudde – a world expert on populism – who is discussing the mainstreaming of the radical right.