HNH explains… The Identitarian Movement and the Alt-Right

The international Identitarian movement started in France with the launch of Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity, or GI) which was the youth wing of the far-right…

31/10/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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Waters and Sellner speak at Traditional Britain Group conference

The star speakers at the event were failed UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters, now of the newly formed For Britain party and Martin Sellner,…

22/10/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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Does the Alternative Right believe in free speech?

Last week in People’s Park in Berkeley, California, something strange happened. A tiny demonstration of activists from the far-right Alternative Right movement (whose infamous alt-right wing believes that…

06/10/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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HNH explains… should we even call it the alt-right?

This is a question we thought about long and hard as there is a real danger that traditional far-right groups and individuals have sought to…

04/10/2017 - Joe Mulhall
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