English Defence League
EDL infighting continues

The English Defence League (EDL) continues to tear what remains of itself apart with bitter infighting. Things came to a head last month when the…

09/02/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Whatever Happened To…. Part VIII

Readers may recall serial liar, bullshit artist and Walter Mitty type, Tommy “the gun” Law. Law had convinced many in the British far right that…

23/01/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Take the next far right for “The Road Ahead”

There’s no better way to spend the New Year than meeting up with a few friends from yesteryear for a bit of a chinwag. If…

12/01/2018 - Matthew Collins
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The National Front at 50: Part II – HOPE not hate magazine

John Tyndall was replaced as National Front (NF) Chairman in 1980 by the safe, if unspectacular, Andrew Brons. Although Brons was considered a moderate and…

15/12/2017 - Matthew Collins
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