Nick Griffin launches massive attack on the alt-right

Earlier this year I had the (dubious) pleasure of being surrounded in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, by a host of old and new, uniformed alt-…

16/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Whatever Happened To ….. Part VII

As part of an entirely irregular series of catch-up’s with members of the far-right we have not heard about in a while, we endeavour to…

15/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Nazi drummer boy dreams of firebombing HOPE Not hate’s office

There’s many ways to describe the National Front’s (NF) lone and lacklustre drummer boy, Mac McElhinney. Shite is certainly one way.  Shameless is probably another. He…

12/11/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Collett to form new party?

Mark Collett’s had more public humiliations than most British fascists. The boy just cannot help himself. You can follow the hyperlinks embedded here and here…

23/10/2017 - Matthew Collins
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