HOPE not hate wins!

This is a massive victory for HOPE not hate and the 16,432 people who donated to us to make this possible. HOPE not hate took…

14/11/2017 - Nick Lowles
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Undercover Inside Britain’s New Far Right

It exposes their extremist views, open support for Holocaust denial and rabid Islamophobia. At a time when Britain’s far right is searching for respectability, this…

09/11/2017 - Nick Lowles
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Our statement on today’s news regarding National Action

HOPE not hate welcomes the charges brought against six alleged members of National Action. The information that led to their arrest originated from HOPE not…

26/10/2017 - Nick Lowles
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An exciting future for HOPE not hate

Matthew is one of the most talented and smart political operatives I know. For those who don’t know Matthew, he brings many years of incredible political…

13/10/2017 - Nick Lowles
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