Understanding the spike in hate crimes

Official statistics released today by the Home Office show a surge of 29% in hate crimes in the past year, reporting a total of 80,393 incidents…

17/10/2017 - Rosie Carter
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Uncomfortable reading but necessary and overdue

The Government’s race disparity audit released today reveals a bleak picture of how people of different backgrounds are treated in society. Black and ethnic minority…

10/10/2017 - Rosie Carter
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The numbers don’t add up

The net migration target has been the key goal of the UK government’s migration policy since 2010. It calculates the number of migrants arriving in…

15/05/2017 - Rosie Carter
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How much will immigration dominate the snap election?

Internationally, the politicisation of immigration has been central to the rise of the populist right, as well as to the election of Donald Trump –…

08/05/2017 - Rosie Carter
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