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Another excuse for threats and violence

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Thursday, 30 October 2014, 16:00

Jayda Fransen

Jayda Fransen

This morning we broke the news on Facebook and twitter that postal workers had decided against distributing Britain First's election leaflet for the forthcoming Rochester by election.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU), who protect the interests of postal workers confirmed that although they would support the decision, it is actually Royal Mail themselves who will not be distributing the election leaflet.

In an email to the "party" leader, Paul Golding, Royal Mail wrote:

"We have procedures in place to evaluate whether election mail complies with the law. In this instance,
we consider that the election mail in question does not comply with the law and have therefore refused to carry it."

One assumes that the leaflet was just outright racist nonsense as well as not complying with the law. Golding was (as you can imagine), outraged. It's the only true emotion he seems to have.

He is claiming that the decision by Royal Mail is against the law. It is not.

He and his gang of bin liners claim they are now going to demonstrate outside the homes of Royal Mail's directors and has similarly made threats against the person who signed the letter on behalf of Royal Mail.

It really comes to something when these idiots cannot even produce an election leaflet within the law. Interestingly, Britain First claim that their candidate, Jayda Fransen, has a "background in law."

Perhaps is she spent her time casting her legally trained eyes over her election materials and less time over the housing register, she would have foreseen and understood the potential for problems.

In the short term, this may well give Britain First another quick shot of their must-have publicity, but in the long term, the people of Rochester and Strood are probably better off not seeing their mindless rubbish at all.

After all, if their failed legal brain could not be bothered looking at the leaflet, why should anyone else be forced to?


 Posted: 30 Oct 2014 | There are 2 comments


Comment 1 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 30 October 2014, 18:36

How many Medway UKIP sheeple will be backing her up? Quite a few, one would imagine...

Comment 2 | From: Finisterre | Date: 30 October 2014, 21:42

"Gang of bin liners" made me do a proper LOL for some reason. Anyway, good news re the thicko racists.

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