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Disco Dale prepares for his very own fight weekend

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Wednesday, 20 January 2016, 19:36

Dale Kelk

Dale Kelk

Earlier this month we wrote about mouthy would-be hooligan Dale Kelk and his plans to gatecrash a hip-hop gig in his native Barnsley. This wasn’t, you recall, so that he could show off some snappy dance moves but, he implied, to get involved in a little argy-bargy with the Romanian act booked and their fans.

Unlikely as it sounds, we figure Dale must be a big Elton John fan as now it appears that it’s not just Friday but Saturday that’s alright for fighting. You see Kelk, leader of the ridiculous and tiny far right splinter group, South Yorkshire Casuals, has decided to join forces with ridiculous and slightly less tiny far right splinter group, Britain First.

The latter has announced a ‘Day of Action’ in Dewsbury on Saturday 30 January, the day after Kelk’s planned big night out. This should be right up his street as Britain First's Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen's previous day trips have typically involved harassing elderly imams and being a bit shouty. Perfect for a gobby lad - on Facebook at least - who fancies catching a little whiff of 1980s terrace testosterone. Just a whiff though.

Kelk has previously boldly stated - on Facebook – that he was up for war and that at an anti-something-or-other demo he was organising it was all going to “go off”. It didn’t – he can’t get no, fascist action. Now his hands, more used to clutching tins of cheap lager, are being rubbed at the thought of a little Britain First beef. It is, again, “guna go of big time” (sic) says the pound-store Annis Abraham.

Set to join him is former BNP big boy Mark Baker, a man who for reasons we can’t go into, no longer lives in Barnsley. “Lets’ f*cking have it” he says (on Facebook) adding for good measure that’ll he be there 100%. No more, no less. They’ll be shutting the pie shops as well as the usual pubs then.

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