EDL Leader Charged With Fraud

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 11:08

EDL leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon has today been charged by Bedfordshire Police for fraud.

Bedfordshire police released the following statement:

Fraud Charges

Bedfordshire Police, on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service, have charged the following people in connection with a fraud investigation.

Stephen VOWLES, age 24, of Heron Drive, Luton has been charged with:

Neil GOODWIN, age 28, of Chalkdown, Luton was charged with:

Lisa MOORE, age 26 – of Newbury Close, Silsoe was charged with:

Anjee DARCY, age 30 – of Hardwick Green, Luton was charged with:

Elliott GALE, age 28 – Anglian Close, Watford

Stephen LENNON, age 30 - HMP Wandsworth, was charged with:

All the above people will appear before St Albans Magistrates Court on the afternoon of Friday 7th December 2012.

 Posted: 28 Nov 2012 | There are 3 comments


Comment 1 | From: James F | Date: 28 November 2012, 11:24

I'm not in the least bit surprised to see this bunch of deluded fools on the fiddle. I'm also glad to see that they have been caught out by the authorities, one can only hope that the magistrates make an example of them by handing down harsh custodial sentances and / or large fines.

Comment 2 | From: Batman | Date: 28 November 2012, 15:50

Who are all the other people being charged? Are they all charged in the one conspiracy?

Comment 3 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 28 November 2012, 18:09

The EDL hate and despise England and its laws, regarded by many an Englishman to be the best and fairest law in the world. Still, I'd hate to think how much money he has in his bank account when the rest of us will be worrying about winter fuel bills.

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