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English clown enters flag debate

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 17 January 2013, 13:31

Steve Uncles: Would sell his English pony for an Irish Euro

Steve Uncles: Would sell his English pony for an Irish Euro

The English Democrats (ED) did not respond well to being exposed  taking another startling and further dip into the far-right earlier this week.

 Among the usual abuse we received were, of course, accusations that we are somehow involved in the genocide of the English and attempts to introduce Sharia law into England!

 One of the most obvious consequences of the ED getting further involved with fascists has been the sheer destruction of English spelling and grammar by those shrieking at us. Of course, they have not denied the truth behind our article.

 Choosing to lie down with ultra-Loyalist money bags Jim Dowson will always be problematic for anyone. One English Democrat in particular must be having to bite his lip more than most.

 Kent based ED “big-wig” Steve Uncles doubles up as the ED in-house clown as well as membership secretary.  In his mission to save England from the alleged marauding Scottish and their free health care and education systems, added to the evidence of his apparent hatred for the rest of the UK, there’s not much he will not do to try and sell out the rest of these islands.

 Indeed, Uncles once even contacted Sinn Fein (in 2009) to try and sell them Northern Ireland as part of a proposed “anti-British alliance.” All they had to do was deposit some lucre into the perennially empty ED bank account, and Uncles promised to ensure that his party would deliver their joint “anti-British message” to some 45 million people, demanding that Northern Ireland “leave the UK.”

 Uncles was prepared to meet the Provisional IRA’s political wing in Dublin to discuss it further but, alas, it came to nothing for poor Steve. They refused, unsurprisingly...

 Uncles has not finished there, however.  Recently he went as far as to actually redesign the flag for Northern Ireland in an article entitled “Get your hands off the cross of St George” where he berates people, like Dowson, for waving the Northern Ireland flag with its cross of St George on it.

 He writes, “Maybe if Northern Ireland gets its own flag, it can stop being silly about the Union Jack”.

 Uncles’s suggestion that Northern Ireland be booted out the UK will be sure to irk the new-found ED guru, Jim Dowson. However, the new flag that Uncles is suggesting may well appeal to Dowson’s Scottish heritage as it has a saltire on it, and not the cross of St George. But it will irk many of the English far-right activists that the ED are hoping to sign-up in a desperate bid to fill Dowson’s pockets.

 The ordinary people of Northern Ireland, whatever their sway, will probably just agree that Uncles is a clown. A desperate clown.

Sam Gordon writes:

*Minor point but the cross on the Northern Ireland flag is the cross of the De Burgos family, who were ancient Earls of Ulster. It has nothing to do with the St George's Cross, which should have a much narrower red stripe but in these days of printed nylon flags, they do tend to look alike.*



Flag: Uncles is dicing with Dowson?

Flag: Uncles is dicing with Dowson?

Steve's new flag: He'll manufacture it in China, probably

Steve's new flag: He'll manufacture it in China, probably

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Comment 1 | From: Tony Beardsley | Date: 17 January 2013, 13:58

So Steve Uncles is a clown.

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