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Festive threats begin early..

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Monday, 21 November 2016, 13:33

Under attacl: Pippin, Bryan, Lumb, Pinkham and Law

Under attacl: Pippin, Bryan, Lumb, Pinkham and Law

At the dawn of this year, the National Front (NF) was without doubt one of the bigger gangs of drug dealers and wife beaters operating on the far-right in this country. And they were most proud of it.

Things went down hill very quickly. There were problems with drug arrests, wife beating and ear eating and a host of other neo-Nazi non-niceties. Sandwiched along with all that was the Dover riot and the follow up violence in Liverpool a few weeks later. And of course, the disastrous showing at Remembrance Sunday earlier this month when some of the chief protagonists in the current war failed to show up for fear of bumping into people they have been threatening with violence.

The attack dogs

The attack dogs

Much of the trouble relates to the "party's" relationship with drugs and the teen-sex gang, National Action. Kevin McMahon from Heywood, who leads a splinter group, refused to drive two members of National Action to Dover and things went from bad to worse from there.

McMahon and his wife are regularly the centre of trouble within the far-right. If it was not for her reputation as a "White Delia Smith" she and her hubby would've been ditched years ago. But there's few on the far-right that can resist a home-made and Anglicised onion bhaaji the way Debbie makes them. She even washes her hands, apparently.

When Nazis do fall out there never is a good side or a bad side. But what does happen is one side threatens the other side with violence and then the other side responds with violence and it all escalates.

And then there is the gossip. It's as vulgar as the mind that creates it and often thrown from glass houses. Wigan's Daniel Lewis is making a big thing out of rumours that Kevin Bryan, the former NF leader trying to get his old job back, is a man who allegedly likes to beat women. Let us not forget that Lewis has considerable form for stalking women, he particularly favours women with small children to defend, too. Maybe that's why Lacette Brooks, who is joining Lewis, the McMahons' and co in their attacks decided to leave hers at home?

As well as targeting Kevin Bryan, serial wally and self-appointed Guardian Angel of the garrotted, Daz Lumb comes in for some horrendous abuse. True to form, Lumb responds to the abuse with threats of violence and by poncing cigarettes.

Others targeted in the abuse include tattooed and tormented Luke Pippin, Liam "She told me she was 16" Pinkham and Tommy "Gas all Jews" Law.

How long before Kev says his Facebook was hacked?

How long before Kev says his Facebook was hacked?

Over at the British National Party (BNP) they held their annual conference on the weekend. No fewer (or more come to think of it) than 44 people bothered to show up.

So embarrassed with it all was party loyalist Chris Vaans that he quit before the conference had even finished.

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