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It's All Over

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 14:09

And that seems to be that apparently.

Low numbers and a demo that seems very short will not please EDL members, are the EDL a busted flush?

They are now being escorted back to their coaches as the rain clouds gather.

 Posted: 30 Jun 2012 | There are 1 comments


Comment 1 | From: S Durrant | Date: 30 June 2012, 14:47

Been a busted flush for quite some time, but the diehards are too dim to notice and have other reasons for going such as general nazi networking I daresay. Note Dewsbury Tory MP, Simon Reevell, is reported to have called the EDL scum for some of their chanting :-) I'm off out, but his (not generally busy) FB and twitter need keeping an eye on and support when the twats start up. If, like me, you are virulent opponent of tories it is probably even more important to support him to stress the true breadth of our proud British anti fascist tradition. https://twitter.com/simonreevell https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-Reevell-MP-for-Dewsbury/200475559985442

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