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Polish Extremist Comes To UK

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 23 October 2013, 12:27

A Polish extremist linked to homophobia and anti-Semitism will embark on a speaking tour of the UK starting tomorrow Hope not Hate can reveal.

Robert Winnicki in conjunction with a UK based right wing Polish organisation Patriae Fidelis will take part in a 4 date tour of the UK, starting tomorrow in Cambridge.

Winnicki is the honorary president of Młodzież Wszechpolska (MW) which translates as The All Polish Youth Movement, an organisation that has been widely condemned as homophobic by various organisations including Amnesty International,Human Rights Watch as well as a number of Gay Rights organisations such as OutRage! and the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia.

The United Nations have also condemned MW describing them as an "extremist homophobic grouping"

MW have gained notoriety due to their staunch opposition of abortion and homosexuality with their opposition leading to violent clashes with Pro-choice and Gay Rights demonstrators.

In 2004, 2005, and 2006, members of MW violently attacked people who were taking part in pro-gay demonstrations, throwing eggs, bottles and stones at them, and were reported to have shouted "Send the fags to the hospital", "Perverts, get out of Kraków", "Let's gas the fags" and "We'll do to you what Hitler did to the Jews".

In April, MW said a historian’s claims that Jews helped perpetrate the Holocaust were “factual” and “necessary.” Winnicki, speaking about controversial historian Krzysztof Jasiewicz said that his claims were "far from politically correct but his statements are supported by historical facts".

In 2006, Polish authorities launched an investigation after a video recording from a party was leaked to the Polish press. In the video, MW members were seen mixing with Neo-Nazi skinheads, listening to Neo-Nazi bands, and saluting the swastika.

MW was formed in 1922 as an idealogical youth organisation with extreme nationalistic tendencies.It openly praised Hitler, Mussolini and favoured economically boycotting Jews, limiting their access to education and actively campaigned for segregation.

It is known that BNP chairman Nick Griffin is also a fan of Robert Winnicki.

Winnicki will be in Cambridge, Thursday evening at The Polonia Club, Friday at The Old College, Aberystwyth, Saturday in Bristol at the Polish Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Of Mercy and finally Sunday sees Winnicki speak in London at the Polish Catholic Centre in Putney.


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Comment 1 | From: Barry | Date: 23 October 2013, 12:58

How do we reconcile the fact that as a liberal society we are opening our doors to extremely conservative, if not downright bigoted people? I live in an area where there is a high concentration of Eastern European migrants, and several times now I've have witnessed the naked, casual but extreme racism which a lot of them seem comfortable with. Twice I have heard Eastern Europeans 'jokingly' lament that they cannot get away with "burning them" when talking about black people. That's two separate occasions where I've heard a reference to 'burning' blacks. Is it surprising that with such a large number of Polish immigrants we're also seeing the spokesmen for their bigotry and racism wanting to deliver their message of hate in our country? How can we have an honest debate about the fact that the people that are coming here are bringing with them values which completely contradict the values which allow them to pass through borders and settle in foreign countries? I'm concerned we'll be seeing more figureheads like this guy alongside even less savoury manifestations of old-school Eastern European bigotry - old disputes from their homelands are going to be settled in our back yards.

Comment 2 | From: Andy | Date: 23 October 2013, 14:28

Dude, honestly, where you got that info from? MW mixing with neo-nazi skinheads? U live in parallel reality?

Comment 3 | From: Edmund Schluessel | Date: 23 October 2013, 16:11

Some of us student activists in Wales have been chasing up Aberystwyth University to find out how this happened. The University porters and the College of Arts say that this event has not been booked with the University, that they do not want it there, and they are investigating it to find out what's going on.

Comment 4 | From: Neil | Date: 23 October 2013, 17:20

Please note that the address for the Aberystwyth venue makes as little sense than this man's views. The Old College is on the seafront - the rest of the address is for another off campus university building (where I work) and which has absolutely nothing to do with this event at all. As you can imagine we have been receiving irate and concerned phone calls from various individuals all afternoon. The staff at the Old College are adamant that no such event has been arranged there either.

Comment 5 | From: Anna Haller-Nowakowska | Date: 23 October 2013, 17:34

I've been supporter of Hope Not Hate for a long while now and I have been actively supporting many of your campaigns. But I do not understand the reasons for this anti-Polish article to be posted here. Most of the accusations are simply untrue. Indeed Robert Winnicki is a right-wing activist, but so what, he's against Racism, Nazism and Communism. I wish all right-wingers were like that! Firstly, there is no single evidence, that any member of MW threw an egg or anything else at any pro-gay demonstration. Yes, in fact they were protesting against homosexual adoption of children, but so did millions of other people. If we believe in free speech, then our aim should be to convince them this isn't right, rather than spread lies about them. The shouting of "gassing" and "Hitler" at a demonstration is another untrue comment, because there is no single proof that they shouted so. The only proves are that the All-Polish Youth actually opposed Hitler, whoever says that Poles were on the side of German and not on the side of UK during the war is just a disgusting liar. Here we can read a bit about the leader of their organisation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Mosdorf He died for saving Jews. Pretty self-explanatory. Secondly, Winnicki's statement about Holocaust were taken out of context and he didn't comment anything about Prof. Jasiewicz view on the massacre. Where are you taking these comments from? "In 2006, Polish authorities launched an investigation after a video recording from a party was leaked to the Polish press. In the video, MW members were seen mixing with Neo-Nazi skinheads, listening to Neo-Nazi bands, and saluting the swastika." Another lie, it's an old news from 2006, media has actually apologised MW for this because nobody in this video belonged to the MW. Here is a proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RACxomq2vkw Please take it away from your article. "It openly praised Hitler" - according to The Defamation Act 2003 Mr Simon Cress can be sued for this. FYI at least 1/3 of all MW members were killed by Hitler. Please delete this complete fiction and slander against Robert Winnicki. In general, this article is based on unproven rumours and it seems to be written without the proper knowledge on the subject. Please add my corrections to the text. I understand it is ok to disagree with someone that's a conservative, but pretending they're pro-Nazi is extremely insulting to all the Polish patriots who are anti-Nazi. The Polish patriots are something very different from the British groups, please keep this in mind. Feel free to contact me with regards to any other misconceptions about this Polish individual. Regards, Anna Nowakowska Action Against Racism

HNH Note: The article isn't anti-Polish, it is anti extremist.If Winnicki is against racism why did he speak at a rally organised by Hungarian fascists Jobbik just last week?

Comment 6 | From: Poleguy | Date: 23 October 2013, 17:43

I know something about it... Im from Poland and i feel shame for these idiots. We need to fight with the extremism everywhere.

Comment 7 | From: Edmund Schluessel | Date: 23 October 2013, 19:10

Aberystwyth University Students' Union have released the following statement: -- We have received a number of queries regarding an event scheduled to be hosted by a group under the title of Polsoc, with guest speaker Robert Winnicki (who is a well know right-wing Polish extremist), in Aberystwyth later this week. We would like to make it clear that Polsoc is not an affiliated student society with Aberystwyth University Students’ Union. We have been informed by the University that the event will not be taking place on University premises nor is it an official University event. We would like to point out that the Students’ Union does not support extremists or extremist groups in airing their opinions to the student body. As such, the Students’ Union is completely opposed to any activity from this individual taking place in Aberystwyth, and would not welcome it in the Students’ Union building or any other premises of the University. If any student groups are thinking of/or are holding a rally against this group & speaker please could you either get in touch with myself via union.president@aber.ac.uk or our Campaigns and Democracy officer, Dan Meehan (dam65@aber.ac.uk) so we can support you in running it safely and efficiently. Ioan Rhys Evans President http://www.abersu.co.uk/news/article/UMaberSU/Statement-from-AberSU-regarding-talk-by-Robert-Winnicki/

Comment 8 | From: landale | Date: 23 October 2013, 19:50

Aberystwyth peace & justice network understand that the Aberystwyth event will not be taking place, however we are double checking.

Comment 9 | From: Jamie Carr | Date: 24 October 2013, 00:45

The fact that this man is visiting one of my favourite restaurants in Cambridge means that I will be actively telling everyone I know to never ever go to Club Polonia again. Very sad.

Comment 10 | From: Daniel Jeff | Date: 24 October 2013, 08:37

I know Winnicki isn't a great guy, but why does it say in the text that MW has been "hailing the swastika" if it is confirmed that there is no nazis amongst their ranks? The Polish public TV even apologized to them for calling them that, they're just as anti-Nazi as anti-Stalinist

HNH Note: So why did members of MW recently attend The Boreal Festival organised by Italian fascist Roberto Fiore along with BNP leader Nick Griffin ?

Comment 11 | From: Maria | Date: 24 October 2013, 08:46

Patriae Fidelis is a patriotic organisation not a right-wing one. Winnicki is no longer president of Młodzież Wszechpolska, since April. 'Pro-choice' is a wicked misnomer; pro murder of babies is what that means. Patriae Fidelis defends traditional values of life and family.

HNH Note: Winnecki is the "Honorary" president of MW, he actually states this on his Facebook page.

Comment 12 | From: landale | Date: 24 October 2013, 09:32

Statement from Aberystwyth University http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/news/archive/2013/10/title-141994-en.html Robert Winnicki statement 23 October 2013 The Old College The Old College Aberystwyth University has today been made aware of plans to hold an event involving Robert Winnicki on Friday 25 October. The University would like to confirm that the event is not an official Aberystwyth University event and it will not be held on any of Aberystwyth University’s properties. The group responsible for the organisation of the event is not a recognised University or Students’ Union society. The University has a strong equality and diversity ethos and cannot condone any event which is perceived as a breach of such practices. AU39613

Comment 13 | From: Bartek | Date: 24 October 2013, 10:35

What a stupid article. That,s gonna be a meeting of polish patriots not nazists! Thet want to give recpect to polish soldiers who died defending GB! Why antifa comes? Coz they will be looking for a trouble!

HNH Note: The article isn't about the Patriae Fidelis organisation, it is about the fact that a known extremist Robert Winnecki has been invited by them to speak in the UK. There can be no doubt Winnecki and the organisations he is connected with are extremist

Comment 14 | From: Nicholas Scales | Date: 24 October 2013, 14:11

It's disgusting to think Teresa May allows people like him to come and peddle hate to the Polish community. All this sort of thing does is give UKIP and The BNP a belief that intolerance is acceptable.

Comment 15 | From: Dave in Bristol | Date: 24 October 2013, 17:36

I've just been in touch with a friend who has friends in both Bristol and london polish churches..... and guess what, neither church knows anything about this, nor have they been contacted regarding this 'event' So thats the Aber one, the bristol one and the london one, all organised, but not organised... if you get what I mean. Anyone else shed any light on this non event??

Comment 16 | From: Tomasz Pilarski | Date: 24 October 2013, 17:43

"From: Andy | Date: 23 October 2013, 14:28 Dude, honestly, where you got that info from? MW mixing with neo-nazi skinheads? U live in parallel reality?" Cooperation with fascist O.N.R is also my imagination? It is a lot of proofs against them and nice suit and PR doesn't change he is racist and xenophobic person with political aspirations.

Comment 17 | From: Marcin | Date: 24 October 2013, 17:49

I'm polish. What you probably do not know about right wing parties in Poland is that thaey merged in 2012 (including polish National Radical Camp). This guy represents a dangerous organisation. If you would like to find out, what he really thinks, please get the translator and check the citing on http://pl.wikiquote.org/wiki/Robert_Winnicki

Comment 18 | From: Darren | Date: 25 October 2013, 09:18

@Anna Haller-Nowakowska: "If we believe in free-speech" <snip> If you believe in free speech, why cite the Defamation Act 2003 (which has been further amended since the 'Hacked off' campaign)? Of course, recently this Act will be used to curb the free press, free speech and communication. We can blame the legal professional lobby and our plutocratic constitution. Its an arms race of who has the deepest pockets that gives Britain the dishonour of being one of the most expensive countries for defamation litigation. I digress. Anyway, I was personally reluctant to instantly see this ultra-nationalist right-wing Polish Youth organisation as "Nazi" or "Fascist". I certainly do not think it looks good for them if Robert Winnicki talked at a rally for Jobbik in Hungary and I have to ask, what does Winnicki mean by "army to restore order mean?" The classic definition of a fascist organisation is a street fighting organisation to violently suppress the left, gays, ect. Is that currently the purpose of this 'army to restore order?' If it is, then they are fascists. However, if their main focus is on the ballot box, then they are ultra-nationalists. Lastly, and this I address to HNH, would it not be better to argue against these 'statist' nationalists/possibly fascists? Should we not have strength in our ideas to argue what the alternative is? I think protesting outside Klub Polonia would have been the wrong approach, better to go to the meeting and ruthlessly criticise Winnicki's outdated nationalism and argue our case. I don't suggest this as a principle, but a tactic. Obviously it depends on the situation.

Comment 19 | From: Sid | Date: 25 October 2013, 12:57

I've just had it confirmed by the parish priest that the Bristol event has definitely been pulled by the church :)

Comment 20 | From: Marylene | Date: 26 October 2013, 20:39

Can you confirm, that none of these advertised events actually took place? I would be vey upset if they did. Bristol would do without guests like that.

Comment 21 | From: Agata | Date: 28 October 2013, 13:57

@Marylene - unfortunately it took place in Cambridge. despite prostests of Cambridge community, the meeting was held at Polonia Club. no one associated with that place wants to say who is responsible for this as they were not promoters but 'only' let the organization booked the function room. even when they were the ones who advertised the meeting at their facebook website and twitter.

Comment 22 | From: Tomasz | Date: 28 October 2013, 18:56

The event in Aberystwyth did not go ahead at the university due to the protests by various communities, including Polish, LGBT, feminist and ant-fascist. Pubs have refused to host this event and in the end it did ahead at a secret location.

Comment 23 | From: observer | Date: 28 October 2013, 21:42

Meeting in Bristol went ahead in some pub , with around 25 up to 30 attendands, meeting in London had been canceled and loud anti-fascist protest took part outside, with one anti-fascist arrested and some scuffles taking place.. It is possible that meeting had been moved to some secret location, but not many people got there if it happened at all.

Comment 24 | From: Marlene | Date: 28 October 2013, 22:27

If they are innocent , why changing the venue to a secret location ? If they were promoting anti gay and anti Semitic views why it was allowed in the first place?

Comment 25 | From: Dundee | Date: 7 November 2013, 03:14

Guys, each event took place Cambridge - 25 people Aberystwyth - 25 people Bristol - 40 people London - 120 people Some changed locations, don't know if the numbers are good or bad. Supposedly there was ZERO intolerant comments or anything bad at the meetings. What was all the fuss about, i thought hes bad??

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