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Lee Rigby's mother slams far-right group

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Saturday, 26 April 2014, 12:52

Lyn Rigby: Mother of Lee Rigby

Lyn Rigby: Mother of Lee Rigby

Earlier I wrote about Paul Golding.

The Mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby has also put the following statement on her Facebook site concerning the further activities of Golding and Britain First.

It seems there is nothing that this gang of thuigs will not do to cash in on people's misery.

Golding: Shameless

Golding: Shameless

 Posted: 26 Apr 2014 | There are 30 comments


Comment 1 | From: Gill Loomes | Date: 26 April 2014, 13:06

Much sympathy to Lyn Rigby and family. I have known of far-right campaigners 'using' people for their publicity before, but never, ever in such tragic and devastating circumstances. So sorry for you and your loss.

Comment 2 | From: Kathy Haq | Date: 26 April 2014, 13:28

My heart goes out to Lyn Rigby who while still grieving for her son has now got to face the fact that these racist thugs are using the death of Lee to promote their hateful messages and to play on people's emotions in order to get a place in the European Parliament and no doubt also in local council elections. Thank you Lyn for speaking out, you are a brave lady. Rest in Peace Lee Rigby, you were taken too soon but your memory will live on.

Comment 3 | From: Nancy marshall | Date: 26 April 2014, 14:09

People are cruel & don't consider other peoples feelings,very sorry for lee's family & rip Lee x

Comment 4 | From: JANET PHILLIPS | Date: 26 April 2014, 14:16

My deepest sympathy to Lyn Rigby and family .As a mother of a serving soldier i too dislike the way the right wing try and use them as if they have something in common . I hope team Lee United forces gives Lyn some comfort .She is a very brave woman to speak out . Rest in peace Lee

Comment 5 | From: Sharon | Date: 26 April 2014, 14:35

How low can these 'people' go? To shamelessly - and falsely - use the name of someone who is not able to speak out about it with no thought or respect for remaining family is just disgusting. I'm so sorry that she and her family had to go through such a horrible experience.

Comment 6 | From: frances Ridgway | Date: 26 April 2014, 14:54

I trust local voters will be made aware of the family's objections to this deeply offensive behaviour. Deepest sympathies to the family of Lee Rigby for their tragic loss.

Comment 7 | From: japes | Date: 26 April 2014, 15:46

This is beyond vile. My thoughts are with Lyn Rigby and all who knew and cared for her son. You are all so much stronger and human than anyone who exploits pain for their own benefit. Enough must be enough. Lyn you are an inspiration.

Comment 8 | From: Liz | Date: 26 April 2014, 16:39

This is absolutely appalling. I hope people aren't tempted to vote for these heartless psychopaths. The family of Lee Rigby have my full sympathy.

Comment 9 | From: david underwood | Date: 26 April 2014, 16:40

they are far right thugs that will go to any length to cause trouble . they cant get much lower

Comment 10 | From: david underwood | Date: 26 April 2014, 16:41

they are far right thugs that will go to any length to cause trouble . they cant get much lower

Comment 11 | From: John brown | Date: 26 April 2014, 19:18

Well done Lyn for speaking out. These racist arseholes will only make things worse

Comment 12 | From: christopher | Date: 26 April 2014, 21:08

My heart and my love goes out to you. Please don't engage with this petty nonsense. LOVE is all there is. Lee's spirit is only Love. For you.. for all of us. All this tosh is mere nothingness. Don't give them the attention that they crave. Love is All. You KNOW that.

Comment 13 | From: Nigel Braithwaite | Date: 27 April 2014, 15:14

Dear Lyn I can't help your heartbreak, although I wish that I could. You and your family and everyone who loves you and Lee will always feel the hurt of his loss What I can do and have done and will keep doing is to resist thuggish organisations like this one in every legal way possible Nigel

Comment 14 | From: Chris Fox | Date: 27 April 2014, 18:03

It's hard enough to lose a child. I know first hand. But to lose one in such circumstances and have your loss hijacked for political purposes must be indescribable. Lyn, you have my support.

Comment 15 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 27 April 2014, 18:34

We stand squarely behind the RIGBY Family. Lee will never be forgotten...unlike the so-called 'Britain First' group.

Comment 16 | From: Luke | Date: 29 April 2014, 14:22

Felt sick after hearing about this. My sympathies go to his family. RIP Lee Rigby.

Comment 17 | From: I can't believe they were allowed air time on t.v. Disgusting views and party . | Date: 9 May 2014, 23:09

My heart goes out to Lee's family please be strong xx

Comment 18 | From: Maura Breen | Date: 11 May 2014, 18:47

They are now inciting a campaign on fb for people to erect a mermorial for Lee Rigby because Woolwich Council are refusing to do it (which is not true), some really extreme comments there, as usual (inciting violence I think)

Comment 19 | From: Ian Green | Date: 12 May 2014, 16:46

All my sympathy to the family. No person or movement has the right to hijack the memory of a lost loved one. Take care xx

Comment 20 | From: rob brown | Date: 13 May 2014, 06:09

These heartless scum bags are no better than Adolf Hitler in the early 30's

Comment 21 | From: Phil Smith | Date: 13 May 2014, 15:36

I would appreciate being able to share Lyn's heartfelt comment with Facebook contacts who are increasingly "sharing" Britain First propaganda with me.

Comment 22 | From: Alam Zeb | Date: 13 May 2014, 23:48

My deepest sympathy to Lyn Rigby and family. She is a very brave woman to speak out. RIP Lee

Comment 23 | From: Paul Hammond | Date: 14 May 2014, 16:24

My heartfelt and deepest sympathy to Lyn Rigby and all her long suffering family. Well done for having the courage to stand up and speak out. When i read the story I felt shame and anger at what has happened; also her frustration of not being able to stop this horrendous and distasteful political abuse of a good mans treasured memory.

Comment 24 | From: glenn chapman | Date: 22 May 2014, 10:59

I was sickened to hear of your brave son's brutal death at the hands of extremists and sickened again to see extremists exploit his death in this way You are an inspiration to all decent people.

Comment 25 | From: tannybash | Date: 26 May 2014, 10:28

Its disgusting how these racist groups think they can use some heros pic for there dirty campaign with out asking his family they are using lee rigbys photo for there hate campaign abd yet lee did not hate anyone why don't they just let him rip and leave his family in peace

Comment 26 | From: Delirium | Date: 27 May 2014, 03:35

The BF Facebook site puts seemingly innocuous posts with regard to supporting our soldiers or decrying cases of animal cruelty. These get shared among friends. People respond to & support the content innocently because they think BF is a description not a name for this organisation and its extreme views. Hey presto & they've "Followed" BF on Facebook. They may not know its happened but their numbers are added to the hundreds of thousands that apparently "Follow" BF. it's a harvesting scam. Few Facebookers have set up the Privacy protocols to protect their lists of Friends from this thing spreading!

Comment 27 | From: Stephanie Keeler | Date: 27 May 2014, 10:22

This is awful. My heart goes out to Lyn Rigby, who really doesn't need to be trying to deal with racist p****s at a time like this.

Comment 28 | From: Paul McDonald | Date: 12 June 2014, 19:01

Britain first-not what it appears at first

Comment 29 | From: Jill Bristow | Date: 10 September 2015, 17:05

I'm not a lover of Queen or country & have enough experience not to drink in squaddie pubs BUT *Well said Lyn* all the same. I have some lovely friends whose children have been verbally abused because the girls wear headscarves. BritainFirst is just a staging-post for the usual loons. Their dads were in the National Front I suppose. Look at their Homepage. Dark skin-tones yes. Then look at the demo. Anyone with hair south of ears? No, just the usual muppets, all Persil white. Funny how you can't email BF. Or can you? :o) Jill

Comment 30 | From: quickhakker | Date: 17 November 2015, 21:13

isn't it illegal to use an image against peoples wishes even after the image has been taken down (so long as claiment owns the rights to the image which logically because the person is the mother of the subject in question she does own the rights to the image)

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