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The glorious return of the "Saltdean Sofasoaker"

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 9 August 2013, 19:34

Cover the couch: It's Peter "Sid" Williamson

Cover the couch: It's Peter "Sid" Williamson

Old hands at this game will remember fondly one of the greatest clowns to ever grace the far-right in this country, Peter "Sid" Williamson, from Saltdean in Sussex.

For a good ten years between 1999-2009, Williamson delighted fascist watchers with his hilarious antics of getting drunk and disrupting far-right meetings, parties and rallies. He was so good at it, that he soon came to the attention of and became good friends with with another notorious lush, the veteran Nazi Eddy Morrison of Leeds.

Between the two of them they managed to wrack up a hilarious resume of drunken splits and new neo-Nazi movements on an almost weekly basis.

Normally the two hung around with the dregs of the British People's Party (BPP), a Nazi gang that eventually had to fold after it was rocked by a paedophile scandal. For a while, the party even campaigned for the release of the paedophile, as he was, in their own words, a "political prisoner".

Williamson and Morrison ran the BPP with the lout Kevin Watmough of Redwatch infamy. Williamson then left the BPP to join the bigger BNP. From there he was expelled after they discovered he had a habit of standing up at meetings and shouting "Heil Hitler! Somebody buy me a German lager," and by all accounts, even vomiting on the sacred union flag on the top table at one meeting!

Although Watmough still keeps the BPP's tatty website going, he's recently turned up in the National Front (NF), along with Morrison, who recently came out of retirement to do what he does best-split a Nazi party.

It looks as if Morrison and Watmough have been getting the old gang back together, as joining them in the NF is also the Nazi burglar and plant thief Simon Biggs.

Williamson alas, was nowhere to be seen. So we went looking for him. The last he was heard of, he had been thrown out of a fellow Nazi's home for soiling their couch after another night of heavy drinking and plans for a white revolution went pear shaped and ended up in violence and assault-not just on the couch, either! The couch ended up on the pavement, along with Williamson.

Williamson was then driven from the movement after falling out with Morrison and Watmough and unsubstantiated allegations that were spread that Williamson worked in a kebab shop owned by his Turkish in-laws, a no-no for the racially conscious Nazi movement in this country.

We discovered that in February of this year, Williamson complained that he had tried to join the NF, but he had been turned away on account of his couch-wetting activities. It hadn't stopped him keeping touch with other Nazi idiots however; he recently suggested to village idiot Dave Jones (another former BPP member,) that knives be banned because they are dangerous, but guns should not.

Well, Sid is finally back in the NF. Our NF bulletin today has an article written by him that clearly shows, age has not wearied him. This means there is hours and hours of fun to come from the tiny, NF.

Expect a bar brawl and a split any time soon.


Unloved: Williamson complains earlier this year

Unloved: Williamson complains earlier this year

Nazi intellect: Knives are dangerous, we need guns..

Nazi intellect: Knives are dangerous, we need guns..

Couchless: Williamson after another revolutionary movement

Couchless: Williamson after another revolutionary movement

Correspondent: Great to see him back..

Correspondent: Great to see him back..

 Posted: 9 Aug 2013 | There are 2 comments


Comment 1 | From: malatesta | Date: 10 August 2013, 09:43

He's back! Can't wait to see the inevitable fallouts, accusations and claims of 'grassing' to emerge. Great piece!

Comment 2 | From: Darren Jay W. | Date: 4 February 2017, 01:53

Hey, stop this, please, I know you know him as a dick head and shit but stop this. He's an awesome Dad, he's not like this anymore, he holds on to his beliefs but he doesn't get so drunk anymore. You're seriously taking the fucking piss.

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