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UDA boss turns on Stampton

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Friday, 6 February 2015, 22:40

Portinari (centre): Not a happy chappy

Portinari (centre): Not a happy chappy

Regular readers will know quite well of the antics of serial far-right alcoholic and clown Eddie Stanton/Stampton. If you too wanted to acquaint yourself with them, Eddie is often propping up the bar at the Salmon & Bull pub in Bethnal Green. For the price of an ale, he'll tell anything to anyone, even a Serbian Anarchist..

Older antifascists may also recall one Frank Portinari, the boss of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) on the 'mainland'.

During the 1990's, Portanari built up the UDA in England and with the help of Nazi terror group C18 waged both a war against the Irish in Britain, and aided the bloody murder of people in the six counties.

When the conflict in Northern Ireland was at its most bloody and outrageous, Portinari shipped arms to the UDA's murderous nom de plume, Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF).

Portinari's guns turned out to not be great quality however, so when caught, he did the sensible thing like his colleagues in C18 and agreed to 'help' Special Branch in return for a very, very light sentence- considering how much murder was occuring there on an almost daily basis.

For the past fifteen years, Portinari has been rebuilding the UDA in Britain using a variety of guises-mainly for prisoners, to recruit and raise funds for an organisation supposedly on ceasefire and therefore, without 'Prisoners of War'. He has built himself quite an array of other fat, balding ex C18 men. They even have their own marching band.

Stampton & Portinari in happier times

Stampton & Portinari in happier times

Portinari was recently featured in the UDA's magazine The Loyalist a sure sign that his star has risen again.

One of those who has attached himself to Portinari is Stampton. So attached is Stampton to Portinari, that he almost caused an enormous incident in a London pub two years ago when he threatened to have Jim Dowson kneecapped by Portanari-seemingly unaware that Dowson has himself, a very close relationship with Belfast's paramilitary bosses.

When we saw this, we knew it would end in tears.

Other cock-ups by Stampton, either at the behest of German lager or his former probation handler, was the sending back to prison of former C18 boss Charlie Sargent.

Now it seems, he has upset Portinari. Apparently it is 'personal'. Posting on the private Facebook page of the English Loyalist Prisoners Association (the UDA) Portinari has told the group that Stampton is no longer welcome to their functions.

This is not a good sign for Stampton. Portinari may not be the most bright of fellows, but he is most definitely not the nicest either.

Warning: No 'craic' for Stampton

Warning: No 'craic' for Stampton

Whether Stampton has stolen money from badge sales or is responsible for the sale of photographs to an Irish newspaper we may never know.

What we do know is, Eddie would do well to keep his head down and stop mouthing off about Frank's weight.

Portinari in the 90's

Portinari in the 90's

 Posted: 6 Feb 2015 | There are 7 comments


Comment 1 | From: Tim O Conner | Date: 8 February 2015, 03:33

Its a good job Portinaris UDA pals are over the water.If they lived in the UK they would realise what an absolute idiot and liabilty he really is.Infact I am suprised the more savvy ones over there even speak to a fraud like him.I mean its a standing joke the London UDA are the only Brigade to have never done anything .Maybe its a mutual arrangement where they tolerate this clown Portinari using their name and acting like a plastic gangster in return for him collecting money in donations from UK supporters taking it over to them and licking their bottoms and of course the Mets special branch will be very happy with this arrangement.He honeytraps pro loyalists in the UK where they can be monitored. Also he totally discredits the UDA by deliberateIy mixing with cranks and vouching for other informers . think its pretty obvious special branch have employed him since he got a arrested for gun running, given the low sentence and others he mixes with.How this will all pan out,who knows? I would think the real UDA types in Ireland are cringing, It certainly dismays many of their supporters, being linked with all these London touts and sad cases.I would also think its bad for buisiness.

Comment 2 | From: Mary Fitz | Date: 7 February 2015, 17:48

So Frankie "Commander Of All Land ,Sea and Air Forces" in Kentish town only got 5 years for gun running when a 10 - 20 year stretch would have been the norm, Thats not dodgy is it?

Comment 3 | From: Freddie Berbour | Date: 7 February 2015, 17:37

The London UDA, so thats where all the Mets washed up beer money touts end up?

Comment 4 | From: Henry | Date: 7 February 2015, 17:30

I bet the real players in Belfast are sure glad "Big Frankie" the plastic gangster and all his tout mates are in the "London Brigade"

Comment 5 | From: Brenda | Date: 7 February 2015, 17:20

Gosh snitches used to end up in ditches , now they all end up in the London UDA.

Comment 6 | From: Colin | Date: 7 February 2015, 13:24

Frank Portaloo Head of the London Special Branch of the UDA. Grasses falling out over who grassed their other mate who's a grass.. Priceless!

Comment 7 | From: Jonathan Porter | Date: 3 November 2015, 21:45

Loyalist. To what? I don't recall the name "Portinari" in the Domesday Book.

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