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Violence flares in Dover

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Saturday, 30 January 2016, 19:46

Royston: Left his black girlfriend at home

Royston: Left his black girlfriend at home

Fascists and antifascists have fought each other in Dover as the far-right National Front and their supporters forced a small march through the town.

The far-right promised violence and they delivered it with rocks, bottles and other objects aimed at the police and members of the public.

Before people had even arrived in Dover, a coach from a London University was ambushed and attacked at a service station, injuring the coach driver.

Shortly after one o'clock, antiracist and antifascist protestors blocked the march route and sung the antifascist anthem '¡No pasarán!' which translates as "they shall not pass."

The far-right responded with violence, attacking the police and trying to force their way through police lines to attack people.

Within fifteen minutes the police had lost control as hundreds of protestors traded blows. Antifascists forced the fascists to retreat. The police then used police vans to try and force antifascists away from the fascist march, but large groups broke away to continue confronting each other.

The police did not seem to be prepared for the intensity of the pre-planned violence, despite the far-right going out of their way to promise and boast of the violence they planned to use.

Fascists attack police

Fascists attack police

One of the consequences of the violence was a number of far-right activists being hit by missiles thrown by their own side. Countless far-right activists were covered in blood as they ran into their own side’s attempts to harm both police and counter protestors.

After an hour long stand off and running battles, police managed to restore some control and marched a small number of fascists to their rally point.

As well as being unprepared for pre-planned violence, one must also ask Kent Police what it is they plan to do about the speeches made at the rally afterwards. As well as congratulating themselves on their violence, a speech by Sunderland fascist Billy Charlton- quite clearly so drunk that he could barely stand- was little more than a bitter, vicious and foul mouthed rant against black people, in particular one black Labour MP that should be actionable by the authorities

One of many threats

One of many threats

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Comment 1 | From: UAFTERRORISTS | Date: 30 January 2016, 16:19

Black and Proud - Great Asian and proud - Great White and proud - Nazis Just a bunch of communists and angsty teenagers. Many members are feminists which is so hypocritical considering male migrants bring an abhorrent and ancient sex and rape culture.

Comment 2 | From: Christos | Date: 4 February 2016, 16:47

The so-called 'White Nationalists' or 'Patriots' were nothing more than a bunch of drunken football fans out for a punch up with their enemies. As usual on a Saturday morning, they headed straight to the pub (Tutty Butty's) just outside Dover Priory railway station, to get tanked up and get a bit of, excuse the foreign irony, some Dutch courage. No doubt, most of those who turned up, did so, because their pathetic football team's were playing a better team, and didn't want to cry with another defeat to their team's name. What a bunch of sad individuals, they even attacked journalists working to cover the protest. What the hell is the point in a protest, if you don't get the press involved? Have these people, I'm being generous with this term when applied to nothing more than a bunch of morons, ever even heard of a 'press release', or is the word press, too big a word for them to comprehend. Despite being kicked and punch by the fascists, I managed to take photographs of the protest, which have been published online. I'm not looking forward to photographing an event like this again, but, working in the media, I have no choice. If the nazis had bothered to take a brain cell with them to the protest, the media might have been able to get their message out further afield. Instead, the message the nazis left the general public was simple, we are thugs, we want a punch up.

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