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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 18 June 2011, 19:55

EDL attack in Dagenham today

EDL attack in Dagenham today

Some in the EDL are claiming we are lying about the attack on the young Asian lads in Dagenham today.

Well here is a photo of the attack.

It is one of series that we have justed handed over to the police. Whatever our criticisms of the total lack of police presence today we look forward to swift action now.

 Posted: 18 Jun 2011 | There are 6 comments


Comment 1 | From: Geoff Lange | Date: 18 June 2011, 20:01

Swift action from the police, against the EDL? I'd like to see that, but somehow, I don't think so.

Comment 2 | From: tim b | Date: 18 June 2011, 20:18

they are football hooligans (you can tell by the clothes) with nothing better to do on a Saturday ... sad really

Comment 3 | From: Angry | Date: 19 June 2011, 01:43

How many of these thugs will end up on suspended jail sentences? The courts love the EDL!

Comment 4 | From: Nathan | Date: 19 June 2011, 02:12

Why did you cover their faces. Name and shame them.

Comment 5 | From: David Harney | Date: 19 June 2011, 02:26

Hope not Hate is doing a superb job of speaking up for real British people what ever colour or race, from these dangerous fascist thugs. Well done Hope Not Hate!

Comment 6 | From: Cognoscenti | Date: 19 June 2011, 16:58

Describing people as football hooligans primarily because of the clothes they wear doesn't help the argument against the EDL, lots of people opposed to the EDL (like me) wear similar clothing (still different, easy for me to discern but perhaps not you) & follow football without being hooligans, fascists or beating up people. These people are a minority amongst football supporters (if indeed they are) as much as they are a tiny minority in the wider population. In neither sphere are their views acceptable or the norm. Superb work from Hope Not Hate in exposing the EDL for what they are. Keep it up.

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