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Infidel leader praises the Protocols

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 14:46

John "Snowy" Shaw

John "Snowy" Shaw

The leader of the EDL's “Infidels” faction, John “Snowy” Shaw, has spoke out in support of the notoriously antisemitic book, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Hot on the heels of praise for the Book of Revelations, Shaw announced yesterday that his head is being turned by another historical document, the “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

With “the Protocols” Shaw has immersed himself in one of the most vile and dangerous forgeries of all time.

According to Shaw, the book has already begun to make things “click” in his head, and he advises “all true British patriots take the time to read this”.

Despite the book being discovered as a forgery, it has long been viewed as definitive proof of a Jewish conspiracy by Nazis and antisemites ever since. Adolf Hitler even had put it in the school curriculum in Nazi Germany. More recently, it was even among a selection of books that the BNP recommended for “patriots” during the 1980’s because they insisted it was still of historical interest.

The book is a crude record of the supposed minutes of a meeting of the Jewish community in the late 19th Century where plans for their world domination are discussed.

The book first surfaced in Russia in the early 1900’s and was used as a justification by antisemites to carry out pogroms against the Jewish community. It’s popularity spread as far as notorious Jew-Hater Henry Ford of Ford Motor car fame, who had a further 500,000 printed for distribution in the United States.

Having opened the book, Shaw is convinced by its authenticity. He is now adamant that both Jews and Muslims are conspiring together and that he “must stop them destroying our country”.

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Comment 1 | From: 5arx | Date: 28 June 2011, 14:54

"He is convinced that Jews and Muslims are conspiring together". ROFLMAO. What an idiot.

Comment 2 | From: Levi | Date: 28 June 2011, 14:55

I pointed this out on the Infidels' Facebook page and linked to the overwhelming evidence that it's a famous forgery. The answer I received was, "Bullshit, that's what the jews always say."

Comment 3 | From: Adam | Date: 28 June 2011, 15:01

What. An. Idiot. Seems typical of the prejudiced point of views though. Let's not let the evidence and the facts get in the way of our opinion. You see it time and time again any article, essay or evidence that goes against the discriminatory view is 'media bias" "lefty" "appeasing" blah blah blah regardless of all the cited respected sources. But any article that agrees with them and justifies discrimination... "Proven! All muslims and Jews are genetically linked and programmed to, much like the botfly, implant themselves in a host then breed from within, thus destroying the host" or some other typical garbage is classed as gospel and is the only news source not afraid. Regardless of its lack of sources and the fact that the author were known racists/ discriminatory folk.

Comment 4 | From: Yussuf W Angus | Date: 28 June 2011, 17:04

Jews and muslims conspiring TOGETHER? Someone should introduce this man to the real world. Or a never-ending hole, either/or. I recently had a customer, a seemingly nice older lady, inquire as to the possibility of ordering a copy of The Protocols to our store. I politely suggested that she would probably have a hard time finding a copy anywhere and that I wouldn't be ordering one in.

Comment 5 | From: Eglantine | Date: 28 June 2011, 17:48

He's not a Guardian reader is he?

Comment 6 | From: Graeme | Date: 28 June 2011, 21:30

It was only a matter of time before these morons made this discovery (probably at the same time as they learned to read, probably). One wonders what their political bed partners in the EDL's so-called "Jewish Division" think about it. Comments from "Roberta Moore" keenly awaited. But we shouldn't hold our breath.

Comment 7 | From: WINSTON K MOSS | Date: 29 June 2011, 01:12

I bet he's got a copy of mein kampf as well as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The mind of a hard line neo-fascist is beyond comprehension.

Comment 8 | From: Melody | Date: 20 July 2011, 20:45

if the writer is going to be an idiot, it's his business, but i'm sick of hearing alleged "scholars" argue referencing the Book of Revelations. There is no such "book". Technically, in Christianity, the document in question is called "The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John". And even that is in question.

Comment 9 | From: LutherBlissett | Date: 5 September 2011, 23:37

I wouldn't expect too much sense from EDL Tinfoil Hat Division Roberta Moore - "It is now common knowledge in the academic world that Aliens were here before we were created"

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