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Partying in Manchester

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 1 October 2012, 09:17

Eddie Izzard speaking at our HOPE not hate curry night

Eddie Izzard speaking at our HOPE not hate curry night

Over 100 people attended the HOPE not hate party in Manchester last night. Backed by the Daily Mirror and Unions Together, Labour Party delegates and trade unionists joined HOPE not hate activists at the fantastic Radjoot restaurant, in Manchester's Albert Square.

The evening was a chance to say thank you to all those who had helped us in the past but also to start the discussion about our future work.

The evening was introduced by the Mirror's Kevin Maguire and heard very short speeches from Mirror editor Peter Willis and comedian and HOPE not hate patron Eddie Izzard.

Eddie was, as usual, in fine form as he thanked HOPE not hate for organising the Olympics and bringing the country together. He spoke about the passion of the Olympic volunteers and how this proved that ordinary people will always come together in hope and not hate.

Eddie is a great supporter of the HOPE not hate campaign but I was also really delighted that we could be joined by two other HNH patrons - writer/broadcaster Fiona Phillips and chef Simon Rimmer.

It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones. Former Labour MP Martin Salter popped in and has offered to help out as a volunteer while Glenys Kinnock, who was there with Neil, agreed to become a patron.

In the five years we have been hosting a party conference 'curry' night I have to say that this was probably the most successful. More importantly, it gave us a platform from which we were able to discuss future joint working with the Labour movement.

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Comment 1 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 1 October 2012, 10:41

Good to see something HOPEful happening in the North on the same weekend that its BNP MEP is away looking at opportunities to stir up trouble in Ireland once again. Though I feel I should point out that an individual could be neither a supporter or a member of the Labour Party and still ardently support the philisophies and activities of HOPE not hate.

Comment 2 | From: Paul Skinnbach | Date: 1 October 2012, 15:55

Well done. I'm really proud to see some excellent celebrities on the side of HOPE not hate as well.

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