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We shall not be moved!

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 3 March 2013, 22:19

Paul Pitt leading the intimidation of us today. He wanted us to stop leafleting, he failed

Paul Pitt leading the intimidation of us today. He wanted us to stop leafleting, he failed

Earlier today HOPE not hate held a leafleting session in Gooshays ward in Havering. We were met at Harold Wood station by a gang of 15 BNP and former EDL thugs, led by Paul Pitt.

They threatened our bullied people arriving and told us all to leave the area.

We ignored their threats and carried on with our leafleting regardless. HOPE won over hate again.

Here's a video we made of today:

 Posted: 3 Mar 2013 | There are 9 comments


Comment 1 | From: Batman | Date: 3 March 2013, 23:06

Wow! Hats off to the bravery shown by Nick and particularly the guy in the hat who stood his ground throughout the filming and certainly made Pol Pot think twice about resorting to violence! Those who leafleted showed true courage in the face of thuggery. I salute you all!

Comment 2 | From: Geraint | Date: 4 March 2013, 02:15 Well done, the only way to stop fascism and hate is to stand up to it, and not be intimidated by them.

Comment 3 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 4 March 2013, 06:08 Democracy has won the day over fascism once more and maybe most importantly HnH have the moral high ground over the angry little bully boys.

Comment 4 | From: B31 Antifascist (again) | Date: 4 March 2013, 07:17 A very good video too, proves just what a nasty little person Paul Prodromou is and why there is absolutely no place for the bully, be it in the school playground or on the streets of Harold Hill. The BNP are famous for using bullyboy tactics in election campaigns and I rather hope many locals will see this excellent expose of the nazi BNP and their belief that they can bully and intimidate whom so ever they please. And Mr.Lowles, you were the star of the show as you and your team refused to get involved in the slanging, which from Prodromou was becoming increasingly violent. Something to be very proud of - and no, you SHALL not be moved so here's to democracy!

Comment 5 | From: Nin | Date: 4 March 2013, 15:19

Hats off indeed! You displayed amazing fortitude and sangfroid.

Comment 6 | From: Neil M | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:27

The courage shown by the Hope-not-Hate volunteers is truly an inspiration to us all. In the face of such courage the bullying thugs can never win.

Comment 7 | From: Simon C | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:53

Well done, Nick and the team. Immense courage and determination that day.

Comment 8 | From: John | Date: 4 March 2013, 19:34

Well done guys, that was truly impressive!

Comment 9 | From: james bronson | Date: 5 March 2013, 22:27

ironically most or if not all of the bnp and south east alliance in the video do not live round gooshays or even in havering Most are from barking/dagenham and other parts of london So when they say things like we dont want you round here e.t.c none of them are from the area anyway so its pointless I am a gooshays resident and i am for freedom of speech for all and not just blatant thuggery Just disgusting behavior from a bunch of thugs

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