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Geller and Spencer banned

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 26 June 2013, 16:45

I’ve just heard the news that American anti-Muslim rabble-rousers Pam Geller and Robert Spencer have both been banned from entering the UK.

As you know, they were heading here to address an EDL demonstration in Woolwich on Saturday and spread their anti-Muslim hate. This is both a victory for common sense and people power.

Over 26,000 people signed the HOPE not hate petition calling on the Home Secretary to prevent these anti-Muslim activists from entering the UK. Others soon took up the call and sent their own letters in. Together, we let the Home Secretary know the strength of feeling on this issue.

This once again proves that people have the power to force change if we decide to use it.

Thanks again to everyone who signed the petition

 Posted: 26 Jun 2013 | There are 25 comments


Comment 1 | From: Graeme | Date: 26 June 2013, 17:17

Well done !

Comment 2 | From: sue paraszczuk | Date: 26 June 2013, 18:38

Brilliant result!! The people have spoken...and been heard.

Comment 3 | From: Kauser | Date: 26 June 2013, 21:36

At last common sense and justice has prevailed...this decision goes someway to show that people power can work!!!

Comment 4 | From: Tim | Date: 26 June 2013, 22:18

My MP replied to me strongly suggesting that the Home Secretary had been put under a lot of pressure to do the right thing and ban these two lunatics from entering the UK. This was the right decision. Bigots who seek to come to Britain and spread their poison, regardless of the chosen target/s, must be treated in the same way in every case. As we know free speech is NOT free. There are consequences and the result of Geller and Spencer's emergence onto the streets of Woolwich at this time (or any) may well have led to more violence via the many loose cannons within the EDL orbit...which is probably why they were invited in the first place.

Comment 5 | From: sakaya | Date: 27 June 2013, 02:44

Do you agree with having honest criticism of Islam? I think most would agree that hatred is bad but free speech is important too. We criticize the Catholic church. Is that hate speech too?

Comment 6 | From: G Hamilton | Date: 27 June 2013, 07:01

I agree these people are pretty loathesome at best but history has shown that people with dangerously idiotic views are best exposed and revealed to as wide an audience as possible. Banning them drives them underground and potentially very dangerous and harder to monitor. Look at the 'militia' type terrorist organisations in the US. The decision to allow some of the barmy jihadist preachers into the country has worked well because it has discredited them in the eyes of the general public.

Comment 7 | From: lifer101 | Date: 27 June 2013, 07:22

you sick bunch of islamic wannabees, spencer and geller are true heroes willing to speak out about islamic terror. all your pathetic crowd of muslim brownnoses do are make things worse, pity, the UK usedto be a place ruled by english common law and not sharia diarhea.

Comment 8 | From: Me My Self | Date: 27 June 2013, 08:13

Well done!

Comment 9 | From: Mark | Date: 27 June 2013, 09:14

Looking forward to your next post lifer - we're all having a bloody good laugh at you!

Comment 10 | From: Mark | Date: 27 June 2013, 09:16

Very true G Hamilton - this forum has allowed lifer101 to exercise his right to his views, and it's had the desired results of making him look every bit the idiot that he is!

Comment 11 | From: Chris | Date: 27 June 2013, 09:27

lifer101: Bahahahahahahahaha! There is no such thing as sharia law in the UK and there never has been. You have been brainwashed into thinking your fellow human being is different to you and therefore a threat. Please try and educated yourself before you end up going down the wrong path. Please read about Johnny Lee Clarry, he was a member of the KKK and realized the error of his ways. Perhaps you can too?

Comment 12 | From: Edd | Date: 27 June 2013, 09:51

@Lifer101, your leader said himself that he didn't want anyone coming into this country and causing trouble, we're preventing exactly that. You should be happy. Also, it's spelled "diarrhoea".

Comment 13 | From: joe s | Date: 27 June 2013, 15:11

to comment seven if they ever read this again, we still are under English common law, Sharia is not in force, Spencer and Geller are not heroes, they are cowards who use people's fear to spread a message of hate, I think criticism has its place but they are not worth being called critics, they would not feature in any kind of rational debate

Comment 14 | From: garyb | Date: 27 June 2013, 17:05

look i don't support edl or you ppl i support freedom of speech!

Comment 15 | From: Raaf | Date: 27 June 2013, 17:57

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are modern day Julius Streicher. Except the difference in who they are attacking. I recommend all of you to google Robert spencer and Julius Streicher and read what they preach. They preach the EXACT same things Nazis and Anti-Semtics did to the Jews before the Holocaust. HISTORY REPEATS.

Comment 16 | From: Ron B | Date: 27 June 2013, 18:20

A sad sad day for freedom of speech and England you silence those that speak for truth not hate and you do it by hiding behind the ignorance of political correctness. This from a country that gave the world the Magna Carta. You are channeling Neville Chamberlain - ignoring the monster will NOT give you peace in your time.

Comment 17 | From: Stan Marsh | Date: 27 June 2013, 23:18

Gellar and Spencer are 21st century heros and Hope Not Hate is a fascist organization hell bent on silencing anyone it does not agree with.

Comment 18 | From: richard washington | Date: 28 June 2013, 00:51

Even if we disagree with what these two have to say, unless they promote violence (they don't) surely we become worse than them via this ban? This organisation wants hope not hate. Well it seems to me that supporting this ban is the very opposite. Do you support free speech or not?

Comment 19 | From: John | Date: 28 June 2013, 19:22

This is a great achievement for people power. In the future, we will need to demonstrate we are being even-handed by calling for banning orders on hatemongers of all persuasions, left-wing, right-wing, Moslem, Christian, of any faith or none. We will also need to decide on the threshold for our intervention - is it hate speech, or is it an imminent threat to public order?

Comment 20 | From: Dan | Date: 4 July 2013, 21:25

Wish you would put half the effort into getting Anjem Choudary banned from speaking as you have these two, when Anjem Choudary is actually causing real harm to this country for Muslims and non-Muslims, brainwashing and promoting hate. But I guess it's okay to silence free speech when it suits you.

Comment 21 | From: PJ | Date: 5 July 2013, 10:15 People are mistaken if they think that there is a legal right to freedom of speech in this country. Section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986 says: A person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting, is guilty of an offence if— (a) he intends thereby to stir up racial hatred, or (b) having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby. Offences under Part 3 carry a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment or a fine or both. There are similar clauses and amendments in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. Even the Football Offences Act 1991 (amended by the Football (Offences and Disorder) Act 1999) forbids indecent or racialist chanting at designated football matches. So those who defend the right of people who preach racist and hatred under the banner of "Freedom of Speech" are grossly mistaken.

Comment 22 | From: Infovoyeur | Date: 10 July 2013, 22:31

The so-far 21 comments above are excellent examples of the polarized viewpoint. Are Spencer-Geller etc. spewing traditional hatred of minorities, or are they alerting to World War IV now being fought against the West as III was intense Communism, II, National Socialism and Fascism? (All three movements seem deluded that an ideology can bring Utopian peace to this world below heaven...)

Comment 23 | From: eslaporte | Date: 12 July 2013, 20:59

Well done! These two are the leaders in inspiring hate politics and violence across Europe, like Geert Wilders. These two also inspired Anders Breivik and his murderous spree! Be gone with them!

Comment 24 | From: Sacala | Date: 27 July 2013, 13:02 Robert Spencer is an intelligent, rational man with a deep understanding of the Qurʼan, Hadith, Sunnah and Sharia. It would be fair to say that he has a far greater knowledge of Islam than the vast majority of those that criticise him. In fact, most of his opponents have never opened the Qur'an or even listened to any of his speeches. For those people, I should point out that he never criticises Muslims, only the religious texts and teachings. He raises a number of genuine concerns in relation to women's rights, oppression, child marriage, religious freedom, freedom of speech, apostasy, animal cruelty etc.. He always backs up his points with reference to appropriate Sura or Hadith. It is his right and duty to raise these important issues so that people do not suffer in the name of religion.

Comment 25 | From: Edward Pitchford | Date: 31 July 2013, 16:04 I feel the need to start by saying I disagree with most of what these two people say. I really wish I didn't have to write that at the start of my comment. Is your tagline about celebrating diversity deliberately ironic?

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