Breaking News: EDL thugs attack Asian youths as police are nowhere

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 18 June 2011, 13:38

EDL arrive in Dagenham

EDL arrive in Dagenham

Three Asian youths have just been seriously assaulted by racist EDL thugs over in Dagenham. They were viciously set upon as they were standing on the side of the road as the racist rabble walked past. Over 250 EDL supporters and hangers on are in the area to protest against a disused butchers shop which is being converted into a local Muslim centre.

Shockingly, the EDL are marching without a police escort. In fact, the only police presence was a single community support officer on a bike.

The EDL have taken over the road and are even directing and stopping traffic. Searchlight photographers have also been assaulted.

Given the violent assault by EDL supporters on a recent UAF and Labour Party meeting in Barking recently you would have thought that the police would have taken this march more seriously.

The racist march is still happening and there is of course further potential for violence as they reach the site of the planned Muslim centre.

In the meantime questions will be asked of the police operation and the local police’s general approach to the EDL. Innocent people have been seriously assaulted and the absence of any police presence has allowed this to happen.

* Further to this blog I can now report that one Asian youth has been hospitalised.

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Comment 1 | From: prem | Date: 18 June 2011, 14:21

And Guramit said police presence caused violence!

Comment 2 | From: Sarah Smith | Date: 18 June 2011, 14:43

This is so shocking that I can not get myself to say this is true. What is the meaning of this? The police know how these people are and yet left those who have the legal and moral right for protection unprotected. I can wait to to see their excuse. Please phone them and ask them why they left their community unprotected?

Comment 3 | From: Valerie Pappas | Date: 18 June 2011, 15:53

These people make me ashamed to say I am a U.K. citizen.... I have met up with these same people on peace marches and they are just thugs who do not even take the time to examine the truth. They are just out to make peoples lives more difficult.I am white and can trace my roots all through Europe but I look on myself as a member of the world and all people are my family. My prayers for the injured and for all who have been hurt or upset by the ELD. How come people who enjoy music on waste ground are surrounded by police with dogs, helicopters etc. but these people are allowed to preach hatred without police to supervise their actions and words.

Comment 4 | From: m4lik | Date: 18 June 2011, 17:15

Its typical EDL attacking in Packs ..This attack on innocent asian will be answered in what way i dnt know..Their Ideology is attack all colour ppl They fear to realise that not all asias are mulim and not all muslim have militant mentality

Comment 5 | From: hyrule 3ds | Date: 18 June 2011, 17:25

basically the EDL want the muslims to attack the whites in revenge to get good PR in the tabloids

Comment 6 | From: Samuel | Date: 18 June 2011, 21:26

This is how the EDL behave when they arent kettled. And they have the nerve to blame police for their violence. Well, there were no police today and look what happend. These useless racist thugs do not represent England. England is better than this.

Comment 7 | From: Stan Frontczak | Date: 18 June 2011, 21:27

Has this happened because the police are full of EDL sympathisers? Just look at the operations the police carried out prior to the royal wedding when they arrested people to "prevent a breach of the peace". Everywhere the EDL gather there is violence, racist chanting and a breach of the peace so why don't the police act against the EDL in the same way? They go out of their way to ensure the EDL can hold their marches and demonstrations but when anyone from the left, students and environmentalists hold demonstrations the police aren't slow to use violence against peaceful protesters but they are reticent to use the same tactics against the EDL. Why is that?

Comment 8 | From: Waheed Aslam | Date: 11 July 2011, 14:48

I still can not get my head around who or what they are trying to defend England against.... i for one find it quiet alarming that the goverment have not yet stepped in and ban these bafoons like they did with Anjam and his deluded crew; both are as bad as each other and see it perfectly fine to behave in such a way. The guys that were attacked could have been Christians, hindus or Sikhs but to the EDL, anyone who looks asian must be Muslim. These vile animals are nothing but bored, unemployed lager louts who need something to do when Football season finishes; They need to be stopped and it needs to happen now before they brainwash tomorrows youth anymore then they have done. I as muslim do not have time for the likes of Muslim against crusaders and am totally agianst their thought process and think the more 'air-time' both side get, the more popular they are becoming...... ban their websites and ban their organisations for a brighter and prosperous future for all.

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