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Colin Robertson’s Woes

posted by: Joe Mulhall | on: Sunday, 5 February 2017, 10:11

Far-right vlogger Colin Robertson

Far-right vlogger Colin Robertson

Far-right vlogger Colin Robertson, better known as Millennial Woes, has said he may leave the UK due to increasing opposition and scrutiny. In a recent YouTube video he explicitly named HOPE not hate as a cause of his anxiety saying:

‘I think I should leave Britain […] I know that I am going to be watched a lot more closely because HOPE not hate, which is also part funded by George Soros, have said they are going to scrutinize the Alt-Right.’

To the public at large Robertson remains an online irrelevance but he has received a level of infamy in some circles after his involvement with America’s leading ‘alt-right’ organization, the National Policy Institute (NPI), was made public. Robertson attended and spoke at NPI's ‘Becoming Who We Are’ conference at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC in November 2016. The event garnered international media attention after footage emerged of supporters giving Nazi salutes and shouting ‘Hail Trump’.

Having long operated in the shadows as Millenial Woes his real identity was recently exposed and it emerged he makes his racist YouTube videos from his parents’ home in Linlithgow, Scotland.

It is likely his comments about HNH were sparked by our recent announcement of a new investigative unit designed to monitor, challenge, probe and analyse the growing threat posed by the radical and populist right which will include the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ and its propagandists like Robertson.

Whether he actually intends to leave the UK or whether this is just another attempt to manufacture his image as a martyr is unclear but the fact that he left a link to a funding website under the video perhaps gives an indication of his real motivations.

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