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Counter-Jihadists fall out over report

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 5 August 2015, 10:27

Danish anti-Muslim activist Anders Gravers

Danish anti-Muslim activist Anders Gravers

The release of a HOPE not hate report into plans for a Muhammad cartoon exhibition this September has led to members of the counter-jihadist movement falling out with each other.

First out of the blocks was Danish anti-Muslim activist Anders Gravers, who told the Danish newspaper Globalt that he owned the rights to the cartoons displayed by the counter-jihadist doyen, Pam Geller, in Texas this May, but had nothing to do with the new London exhibition.

He said that he was looking to hold a cartoon exhibition himself over here, but if current UK organiser (and Sharia Watch boss/UKIP member) Ann Marie Waters found a venue first then he would not stand in her way.

Given that he has so far failed to organise such an event in Denmark, we think the chances of Gravers finding a venue in London are zilch.

The anti-Muslim and fake veterans outfit, Britain First (BF), was quick to distance itself from any attempts to stir up trouble with a cartoon exhibition, re-releasing a statement it first made in early July.

In response to a Russia Today piece on the cartoon exhibition, which linked BF founder Jim Dowson to the plot, party leader Paul Golding issued a strong denial.

“Major efforts behind the scenes have been made to rope Britain First into the mad plot to ferment civil strife on the streets of Britain, using Mohammed cartoon contests.

“We are not against depictions of the false prophet Mohammed, but to use them cynically to spark off serious communal chaos and bloodshed is a despicable strategy and Britain First has nothing to do with it.”

Dowson, who first reported on attempts to incite civil strife by way of the cartoons, wrote a blog claiming the exhibition organisers were part of an international Zionist conspiracy which was designed to help Israel attack Iran.

Anne Marie Waters, the cartoon exhibition organiser, broke her silence in a blog on her own Sharia Watch website and co-posted on the UKIP-linked Breitbart site.

After a couple of days of total denial to the media, she now admitted that she had attended a meeting with Jim Dowson and – most amazingly – a discussion about civil war might (she admitted) have occurred.

In a blog entitled: 'Hard Left Campaigners Lied About Islam Vs West 'Civil War' Claim', in which she completely denies our allegation that she was involved in a conversation about using a cartoon exhibition to incite a violent reaction, she writes:

"That meeting did take place – to talk about building a website (which I believe the writer does for a living). If there was any talk of ‘civil war’, then it will have been by way of conversation, not some cartoon-like plot. In any case, aren’t people allowed to speculate on the potential for discord, especially given the current state of “multiculturalism” in Britain?"

In between abusing everyone connected to HOPE not hate as being part of the “hard left”, she conveniently failed to tell her readers that she ignored a request for an interview with HOPE not hate on these matters, which we sent to her by email on 7 July.

Waters also denied speaking at an anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) rally: while this was technically correct, she failed to admit that she had spoken at a rally in Dudley organised by All Football Fans/Firms March Against Islamisation, an EDL splinter group led by Kevin Bryant – who just happens to be in the EDL (as does his Polish partner Tee, who is also known to Waters).

Last Thursday, Jim Dowson, the former Britain First leader who made the original allegation against both Waters, Stephen Lennon and key counter-jihadist Alan Ayling, released another blog. In a startling Q&A on the Knights Templar website (subsequently removed but can be found here), he went into more detail about what happened at the meeting with the trio. Invited along to discuss plans to set up a new anti-Islam organisation, which Waters described as "EDL with membership", the discussion moved onto running a cartoon competition.

"As the meeting progressed I was interested in how they would attract a following given that the ‘right-wing’ anti Islam ‘market’ was rather crowded and Britain First had almost a monopoly on the scene," said Dowson.

”It was then the issue of cartoons was brought up. Anne Marie Waters outlined her idea of a Mohammed Cartoon competition. It was also muted (sic) by the others that the displaying of cartoons should occur in towns and cities with large muslim communities both here in Britain and possibly in Europe. Robinson and Ayling both contributed to this discussion. However, it seemed to me that Ms Waters was very much the driving force in this enterprise. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that this idea was, as far as I was concerned, extremely dangerous and ill conceived. I was becoming aware of the true intent of the whole operation and was seriously concerned at what I was hearing.

"It became very obvious that the intent was to use the pretense [sic] of ‘freedom of speech’ to ferment a backlash from the Muslim community. This was not an opinion formulated by me but rather a conclusion based on statements from all three participants. I pointed out that such a ‘stunt’ would definitely ignite the fires of a civil war and this had the potential to result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people."

Intriguingly, Dowson said that he had an "observer" in the room and a video was made and handed over to his lawyer the following morning.

Predictably, the counter-jihadists reacted with fury to Dowson’s interview, with Lennon most forcefully going on the attack. He began bombarding the former Britain First leader with phone calls and text messages, many of which accused him of being a “dirty snake” and a “coward”.

Lennon went on to state, via Twitter, that there was nothing he said to Dowson at the meeting that he would not say publicly.

Writing under another name, it appears that Dowson reached out to Lennon and attempted to draw a line under the affair but this was instantly rejected by the former EDL leader.

Publicly though, Dowson is not backing down. Yesterday, he posted a message on Facebook: “Who works a sting the best – a bee or the cops? Both use little flowers but thankfully here in Ulster we have good ears and eyes and can hear the buzz from 20 paces. Better luck next time boys.” He accompanied the post with a picture of a bee.

With Dowson and Lennon accusing the other of working for the police, the infighting within the counter-jihad movement looks set to rumble on. Meanwhile, we stand behind the main tenets of our report: namely, that those now so loudly proclaiming that “all” they want is a private exhibition did indeed discuss civil strife as part of their plans.

You can read our Report here: http://issuu.com/hopenothate/docs/cj-cartoon-report_final or http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?eid=c943edb2-0d73-4d9c-98c1-8e27e5e89fee

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