English Democrats in our sights

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 7 April 2012, 21:10

I have been asked by a couple of people to explain why we are also targeting certain English Democrat candidates in these elections as it isn't a traditional far right party. That is true, the English Democratic Party (EDP) is not a far right party but so many BNP members have gone over to them in the last few months that the very composition of the party has changed and so now it has become a legitimate target.

It has been claimed that almost 43% of their candidates in the forthcoming local elections have recently been in the BNP (http://www.facebook.com/groups/97541711484/). I don't know if this is the correct figure but it could well be true. Whole swathes of EDP candidates in Essex, Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, the North West and the West Midlands have previously stood for the BNP.

EDP leader Robin Tilbrook has repeatedly said that in joining the EDP these people have accepted their new party's policies and political outlook. He might believe that and if we were talking about one or two people then he might be right. But we are talking about dozens, perhaps hundreds. If 40 former BNP members are prepared to stand as EDP candidates there must be many more who have made the switch without wanting to go public.

Two of those standing still work for Andrew Brons, the BNP's Yorkshire and Humber MEP.

Tilbrook thinks he can control these people and just use their enthusiasm to build up the EDP. I think he's wrong. I simply don't believe that all these people have changed their politics overnight and I think that at some stage in the future - probably after the two years membership EDP members need to have before they can vote in the officer's elections - this BNP grouping will flex their muscles.

And it won't be too difficult. There were just 50 EDP members at last month's AGM so a takeover would not be difficult.

HOPE not hate is producing a new leaflet focusing on the EDP. This will be available from Thursday so please do get in touch with us if you want some for your local area.

 Posted: 7 Apr 2012 | There are 28 comments


Comment 1 | From: Daniel Gravil | Date: 7 April 2012, 21:51

I reside in Doncaster which as you may well know currently has an elected ED Mayor, I will gladly assist in shining a light on their activities and influx of ex BNP members.

Comment 2 | From: Martin Snell | Date: 8 April 2012, 12:45

Regretfully, this sort of thing is nothing new for BNP members. Several years ago, they used similar tactics in the music scene, targetting folk music (particularly English folk music) with a view to acquiring some respectability by linking up with the folk scene. Folk artists were so appalled by their actions (folk music being inclusive by its very nature) that they started a group called "Folk Against Fascism" to combat the spread of their influence and to alert the ordinary folkie to their tactics.

Comment 3 | From: Fiona cahill | Date: 8 April 2012, 15:24

I would also appreciate some leaflets I have been doing my best to expose what has been happening in our Mayors party for some time.

Comment 4 | From: Heretic | Date: 9 April 2012, 11:30

What part of nasty, in the middle of the night hate tactics, does "so many BNP members have gone over to them in the last few months that the very composition of the party has changed and so now it has become a legitimate target" not portray? Although I dislike and disdain the BNP, you lot are equally bad. How many BNP members joining the EDP would change the balance? Nothing said here, but enough I suppose to make you salivate at a "legitimate target". Just listen to yourselves. The cure is fast becoming worse than the sickness and you little puppies are just that. Sick.

Comment 5 | From: francis | Date: 9 April 2012, 12:29

Please could you keep your campaign focussing on the BNP and National Front. The English Democrats are an English patriotic party. The ex BNP members who joined them have agreed to ditch all forms of racism as joing conditions. England badly needs its own Parliament back, otherwise the BNP will only grow and grow again. Scotland and Wales have national governments, it's time England has it's own Parliament too.

Comment 6 | From: taffboy | Date: 9 April 2012, 16:36

heretic - it is pretty clear in this context that "legitimate target" is a reference to propaganda targetting and not baseball bats or whatever. To think or conjure otherwise would be to ignore the well known MO of HNH. I personally don't agree with HNH on some stuff, but the idea that they are "as bad" as the BNP is utterly bizzare. Such equvalience says more about the beholder, speaking most likely to dodgy treacherous politics, or a level of ignorance that would keep most people far away from political observations for fear of embarrasment. Francis - "The ex BNP members who joined them have agreed to ditch all forms of racism as joing conditions" Well that's convincing enough I suppose. - "I promise I won't be racist any more at all". - "Ever?" - "Yep, ever." - "Right. You're in." This is high end accountability and a tribute to the party. Of course the prime aim of EDP is entirely respectable. Being objective can you not see how your image and other aspects of the party (I assume you are at least a supporter) could be in real jeapody by having taken in a load of refugees from a bona fide fascist party? Have they done it because they suddenly thought "wow, actually the EDs are great?" or is it triggered by the well known calamaties in their own party? Do they have your best interests at heart? Are you going to tell us in one breath that you take fascists at their word, in the next that you are competent to serve in any form of government? Please say it ain't so.

Comment 7 | From: Heretic | Date: 10 April 2012, 15:22

taff boy, After 35 years in the Army and having seen how things can go down the tubes pretty quickly once any fanatic gets up a head of steam, I'm quite sensitive regarding unfounded intolerance going unchallenged. As for dodgy, treacherous politics, you have to look no further than Westminster for those. But even those (dis) Honourable gentlemen do not use such inflammatory language. To fall that trap detracts from the message. IMO it makes the cure as bad as the disease. I believe I have earned the right to that opinion and to openly state it.

Comment 8 | From: Fiona cahill | Date: 11 April 2012, 02:08

50 EDP at the last AGM, and there are currently at least 40 ex BNP now standing in the EDP (and many more who have joined.) The maths isn't hard. Nor is it hard to understand that they have not all decided to change overnight and if you wanted to find out if they had use the internet. They haven't. The EDP is not the same party as it might have once been that is why so many genuine campaigners for English parliament have voted with their feet and left -in droves.

Comment 9 | From: Matthew Roberts | Date: 11 April 2012, 12:33

I was at the English Democrats conference and the idea that there were only 50 in attendance is laughable. There were 3 times as many members there! Some honesty would be appreciated here guys.The BNP people have been warned that if they step out of line they are out! You should not judge peoples motives. Many people joined the BNP out of desperation with what is happening in this country, they soon left when they found out the true nature of the party. This does not make them bad people. We can question their judgement sure but evil people they are not.I am not a member of the EDs but I know Robin Tilbrook well enough to know that he will not put up with any nonsense from ex BNP members. The argument that loads of people have left the EDs is also an exaggeration . You can count the numbers who have left on two hands!I myself am an ex member and left for personal reasons. Like you guys I hate racism and despise what the BNP stand for. However I think that your attack on the EDs is counter productive, uneccessary and ill thought out. However I wish you well in your campaign against the BNP, NF and all the other rabble.

Comment 10 | From: Jonathan Snelling | Date: 11 April 2012, 23:06

Francis, I am afraid you are being very naive. Good English nationalists have now mostly left the English Democrats because the deliberate takeover by some of the WORST people in the BNP has been a policy encouraged by some of the party leadership, in particular Steve Uncles. They thought people such as Chris Beverley and Eddy Butler (both still employed in the BNP EU office and active in shadow BNP leadership talks) and Mark Collett (Young Proud and Nazi) would help their campaigning edge. Butler of course was arrested recently for having a street fight with the BNP's Steve Squires in a sad fight over Claudia Dalgleish (also now in the English Democrats). Read these people's blogs and FB Pages. They are all about the BNP. They are just using the EDP to continue their fight for that party's control. One of the party's 8 GLA candidates announced his resignation today and more will follow. The case for an English Parliament is a strong one - as are arguments over unfairness over prescriptions, tuition fees etc. The English Democrats could have had a strong position to fight on those issues - but they have blown it now and there are very few decent people left - most of those are only there because they pay no attention to the party outside their area and dont realise the BNP have moved in. Most of them have not been asked to ditch anything. Only Eddy Butler was vetted at National Council level and was approved by 7 votes to 1 with 1 abstention but anyone who thinks the man who ran the East End "Rights for Whites" campaign has changed has got a screw loose. Matthew your reply is laughable. Even the EDP's 'liar in chief' Steve Uncles has never claimed there were more than 60 delegates. If you have left the party what were you doing at last month's spring conference?

Comment 11 | From: Matthew Roberts | Date: 12 April 2012, 14:39

@ jONATHAN Hi Jonathan thanks for the information here.You are of course quite right in most of what you say. I know that some members of the BNP would like to take over the EDs but I also know, because I have spoken to them at great length, that Robin Tilbrook and most members of the NC are not stupid and are monitoring things closely. They are determined that a takeover will not happen. I dont know what Steve Uncles is talking about! I was there and I can tell you in all honesty that that figure is an underestimation. In answer to your question what was I doing there, there were a number of us, I think about 10 or 11, who were invited along because of our close and historic links with the party, nothing more sinister than that! You are right about Steve Uncles. He is a destructive influence and I wish Robin would remove him. More people left the party because of him than left due to the BNP influx. Believe me. I know! For your information I think that THE EDs have made a blunder by allowing the heavy weights of the BNP into the party. This is poor judgement rather than anything sinister in my opinion. I think it will backfire on them eventually.

Comment 12 | From: Jonathan Snelling | Date: 12 April 2012, 23:26

Matthew. I am still not sure who you really are. Clearly Matthew Roberts is an assumed name. You can't be Steve Uncles because you write in intelligible English with a reading age that is above 9. Yes I can see that Uncles is the main reason so many ppl have left the Eng Dems even above the BNP infiltration. You should have got rid of him years ago - you failed so that is your problem. The fact stands that over 40% of the candidates standing for the English Democrats in May are former BNP activists. So you have lost control of your party. Simple as that. The English Democrats are now fair game to be regarded as a racist, far right party thanks to Uncles, Tilbrook and their demented strategy that has sold out those who want to see a proper settlement for the English.

Comment 13 | From: Jonathan Snelling | Date: 13 April 2012, 00:42

Matthew. I am still not sure who you really are. Clearly Matthew Roberts is an assumed name. You can't be Steve Uncles because you write in intelligible English with a reading age that is above 9. Yes I can see that Uncles is the main reason so many ppl have left the Eng Dems even above the BNP infiltration. You should have got rid of him years ago - you failed so that is your problem. The fact stands that over 40% of the candidates standing for the English Democrats in May are former BNP activists. So you have lost control of your party. Simple as that. The English Democrats are now fair game to be regarded as a racist, far right party thanks to Uncles, Tilbrook and their demented strategy that has sold out those who want to see a proper settlement for the English.

Comment 14 | From: Adam | Date: 13 April 2012, 21:21

The ED's serve a useful purpose in English politics. THey absorb the members of the BNP who feel uncomfortable with the whole race based politic s of the BNP. It is useful to have a party thta represents the patriotic non racist (of which there is many) electorate. I myself view the E as a hinderence being a UKIP voter, as they soplit the UKIP vote. However , surely it is good that many BNP members are abandoning the BNP for ED.

Comment 15 | From: francis | Date: 14 April 2012, 17:06

Jonathan Snelling, I have contacted Robin Tilbrook about this article and he denies much of what has been said about the amount of BNP infiltration into the EDP and other HNH articles about the EDP. Whether you like it or not, England and the people of England (all races and cultures) are second class as we have no Parliament and have to pay for Prescriptions while the Scots and others get it free. What do you think of this article?:- http://englishpassport.org/2012/04/09/racist-nazi-anti-english-hope-not-hate-fail-to-defend-english-asian-students-against-unfairness-in-the-uk/ If HNH are prepared to attack civic English Nationalism then you must also attack Scottish and Welsh nationalism too, otherwise you are being racist against the English irrespective of whether they be white or BME. Is this organisation working with UKIP? I smell a rat.

Comment 16 | From: Martin Snell | Date: 15 April 2012, 14:25

Have read the above chain of comments with interest. From a personal point of view, any political party that wraps itself up in either the National Flag or the St George's Cross worries me as it sends out an exclusive attitude rather than an inclusive one... This country of ours is a mongrel nation with roots going back centuries and encompassing wave after wave of immigration. All of this has enriched our country not weakened it... I am not a Unionist and, if the Scots, Welsh or Irish decide to go it alone, then I'm comfortable with that. What I take exception to, is the scapegoating of those who are different from ourselves, thereby blaming them for all our ills. Unfortunately political parties that wrap themselves in 'the flag' have a tendency to do just that...

Comment 17 | From: francis | Date: 16 April 2012, 19:02

Martin Snell, What you call Scottish Labour MPs exclusive, after all they put Scotland first and are patriotic Scots? England is not a mongrel nation. We are ethnically European and have been for thousands of years. Yes there are now BME English too, but they are only a small proportion at the moment. Civic English nationalism and patriotism is the best way to assimilate and integrate BMEs into our country. You have to accept that most BMEs in England now consider themselves as English first and British second according to a recent IPPR report into Englishness.

Comment 18 | From: jon snelling | Date: 17 April 2012, 12:20

Francis. Robin Tilbrook can deny the scale of the BNP infiltration into his party as much as he likes. I am currently detailing the figures on the link shown in the article above. I understand he may soon have to explain all this to a judge.

Comment 19 | From: francis | Date: 18 April 2012, 15:28

jon snelling Where are you getting your information from? How reliable is it? Have you taking him to Court? When are you going to call the SNP, PC and SF racist? Why are you attacking the English and only the English?

Comment 20 | From: jon snelling | Date: 18 April 2012, 22:22

Francis. It is very easy indeed to get the information. You get the names of the EDP candidates and you search them on council websites, Wikipedia, newspaper links or elsewhere - and BINGO you find they were BNP candidates a year or two ago. Any idiot could do it in a few minutes. So it looks like Robin is leading you up the garden path. As to Sinn Fein, I am not a fan at all - but of course Steve Uncles is - he sent them a begging email for 200k and got thrown off the NC for a while because of it. Several leading members left the party because of that alone. No, Im not taking anyone to court, but Robin does it all the time - and usually loses. Remember the HSBC case? He had a good case there and should have won, but managed to lose. By the way, your standard of English was quite good before, but seems to have fallen to Uncles levels now. "Have You Taking Him to Court?

Comment 21 | From: John Ryder | Date: 19 April 2012, 16:39

Matthew Roberts Would it be inconvenient for me to point out that the suite used for the English Democrats Spring Conference has a maximum capacity of 60 seated classroom style? The photos from the Conference were posted on the EDP website, and the layout was definitely classroom style, with a sizeable display at the front. Were you and the other 100-odd that you claim were present forming a giant human pyramid behind the camera? Back to the drawing board mate.......

Comment 22 | From: francis | Date: 19 April 2012, 18:02

jon snelling It is easy to find information that suits your side of the argument. You have not answered my question. Can you give me the case numbers in which Robin Tilbrook was unsuccessful? Steve Uncles only wanted to do deals with Sinn Fein for tactical reasons only. I am not a fan of him and never have been. Do you accept that there is democratic deficit in England or not?

Comment 23 | From: jon snelling | Date: 20 April 2012, 11:47

Francis. You are the one being disingenuous. The full list of English Democrat candidates are now published. You go away and google them yourself. 42% at least are far right... and that is letting off a lot of terrible candidates who have made outrageous racist remarks or have dubious links - including Uncles himself. Dont make silly comments about it, just make the effort to research your own party. Tactical reasons only! Blimey you will swallow anything from the party leadership. Is there a democratic deficit in England? Yes there is. Is there a case for an English Parliament? Yes there is. Are the English unfairly treated over matters such as prescriptions and tuition fees? Yes they are. Clear enough for you? The English Democrats are not the solution. Now they have embraced the far right and sold out these causes to extremists, they are an obstacle in the way. They are beyond reform now and only survive because they can continue to fool a few people like you.

Comment 24 | From: Matthew Roberts | Date: 20 April 2012, 16:11

@John Ryder. No John not inconvenient at all. Do what you like mate!The idea that there were only 60 delegates at the conference is absurd. I stand by that. So back to the drawing board for you mate!

Comment 25 | From: jon snelling | Date: 21 April 2012, 12:24

To "Matthew Roberts" or whatever your real name is. You describe yourself as someone who is an "ex member and left for personal reasons". Why were you at the spring conference? Why are you claiming 160 delegates when the party itself (that you are not a member of) claims no more than 60? Have you seen the pictures of the room and the details from the hotel that show the room does not hold more than 60 anyway? Clearly the Eng Dems knew how many to expect or they would have booked a bigger room. I also dont know how many fingers you have on your two hands but the Eng Dems have lost most of their previous leading activists over the last cpl of years. They have been partly replaced by the BNP and other far right entrants as shown. You either know nothing about the English Democrats or you are wilfully misleading. Dont know which and dont really care. You are talking complete nonsense either way.

Comment 26 | From: John Ryder | Date: 21 April 2012, 13:07

"Matthew Roberts". The conference was held in the Clocktower Pavilion of the Alexandra Suite at Swanley Conference Centre. I was mistaken, the maximum capacity classroom style is in fact 50, not 60, which is the maximum capacity theatre style. If you do not believe me about the venue, or the room set-up, have a look at the English Democrats website (as you clearly were not at the conference yourself). The room specs for the Clocktower Pavilion can be found at http://www.swanley.org.uk/assets/file/SB%20conference%20folder%20-%20final.pdf I normally dislike corresponding with idiots, but it has been a pleasure to help highlight another English Democrat liar.

Comment 27 | From: Dan Roberts | Date: 4 May 2012, 16:06

As a long standing Scottish Nationalist i have taken an interest in the English Democrats for a while now and have witnessed a party that has gone from having a legitimate position on campaigning for an English parliament and devolution for England to being more concerned with scare mongering about muslims and whose selling Halal products. This has coincided with the influx of former(?) BNP members into the party, whilst original ED members have left in droves and appear to have no party who represent their views. I must say that i find this disappointing as it will stunt the growth of the ED and put the cause of Devolution for England back a great number of years. Further, this mistake by Tilbrook (who i noticed went to great lengths to praise the EDL in a recent speech) which should question his ability to run a party. I can only see two options, a take back of the ED from the racists or the forming of a left centre English party that has devolution at it's core and such will give a proper alternative to the uninclusive, negative and destructive English nationalism which does nothing to better England as a nation. Sort it out.

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