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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 22 January 2013, 10:47

The campaign to get the EU President to apply Rule 210 to enforce the compliance rules pertaining to the funding of extreme-right wing parties within the European Parliament has really gathered pace.

Our supporters in the UK have sent over 26,500 emails to British MEPs and now the campaign is spreading internationally. Pressure is being exerted in several European countries, including Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Parliamentarians of Germany’s Left Party are actively supporting the campaign to stop funding for the Euro-fascists and are urging their MEPs and others to sign the parliamentary petition.
They have also informed HnH of moves against the far-right by the Council of Europe.

UNITED, a European-wide anti-racist network, are also backing the campaign and are in the process of contacting all their affiliate organisations across Europe encouraging them to contact their MEPs.

In the UK, MEPs from Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and even UKIP have signed up and as they do we are removing their email addresses.

The Green Party MEPs gave HOPE not hate this statement: "UK Green MEPs want a diverse and peaceful Europe. We stand together with MEPs from across the European Parliament in support of this initiative to make sure public money is never be used to support fascist organisations such as the BNP and their racist friends in The Alliance of European National Movements."

We are now contacting every remaining British MEP directly and depending on who is signing and who is not we will then decide on the next step of the campaign.

Separately, our Research team is putting together a briefing on the AENM which will be delivered to MEPs at the beginning of next week. Getting at least a quarter of MEPs to sign the petition is just the first stage of the campaign. Once we have achieved this then we need to convince the powers that be that the AENM MEPs do not comply with the new funding rules.


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Comment 1 | From: Bob Oakley | Date: 22 January 2013, 18:14

Why "even ukip" I have been a member of both ukip and HnH for many years. I do however believe extremeists neeed to be defeated by logical argument, not banning as it just hides the problem. I would rather fight them at the hustings than on the street.

Comment 2 | From: Julia Dudley | Date: 23 January 2013, 09:46

My UKIP MEP wrote back to me and stated unreservedly that his party could not support the campaign on the grounds of the right to freedom of speech. So this is at odds with your statement above. I want to find out more about article or rule 210...

Comment 3 | From: Emma Cuthbert | Date: 23 January 2013, 17:02

I emailed all my MEPs and just had a wonderfully positive response from Jean Lambert, London's Green Party Member of the European Parliament. Both UK Green MEPs, Jean and Keith Taylor, have signed the petition to initiate the procedure to stop EU funding of the Alliance of European National Movements (AENM). It's working!

Comment 4 | From: Leon Atkins | Date: 24 January 2013, 10:47

UKIP sits in a political group in the European Parliament, the EFD, with far right parties such as Lega Nord, and which contains a number of MEPs with convictions for racially motivated offences. One Lega Nord MEP has even called for racial segregation on public transport. UKIP MEPs have been told not to support the call in parliament to stop this funding for the BNP, so it is hypocritical of them to 'support' your campaign!

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