My blood is boiling and I want action

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 March 2013, 16:58

We will not allow Paul Prodromou (aka Paul Pitt) intimidate us

We will not allow Paul Prodromou (aka Paul Pitt) intimidate us

I would like to pass on my gratitude to the hundreds of people who have sent messages of support to us since we released the footage of the BNP/EDL thuggery directed against us yesterday. Some have been quite personal and touching; all have been outraged at the intimidation and threats issued against us.

That we carried on campaigning despite this intimidation has also been commended.

The more I have thought about yesterday the angrier I have become. How can supporters of a political party act in such a way? How can they try to silence opposition in an election?

Fortunately many of the people who confronted us aren't very clever. By posting up their own videos of the intimidation, posing for a group photo and so publicly issuing threats they have given us all the evidence we needed to take this further.

And this is now what we are going to do.

We have collated all the evidence available. We have identified all the people responsible. We have listed the intimidation and threats of violence. We have even collected all the libellous and illegal leaflets they have issued. And now we are going to pass it all over to the police and election returning officer and demand they take action.

We live in a democracy and we have the right to campaign in elections freely without fear of intimidation, violence and slander.

What is worse is that BNP leader Nick Griffin has today applauded the thuggish activities of his supporters on twitter. My blood is boiling.

The fascist thugs of the BNP and the EDL splinter group, the South East Alliance, thought they were clever by threatening us yesterday. They thought they were even funnier by posting the clips on YouTube. Well, we are determined to have the last laugh.

BNP thuggery: Goes straight to the top

BNP thuggery: Goes straight to the top

 Posted: 4 Mar 2013 | There are 16 comments


Comment 1 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:16

(Quote from article): 'How can supporters of a political party act in such a way? How can they try to silence opposition in an election?' This pins the labels of NAZI and FASCIST BULLYBOY firmly and squarely upon the 'British' National Party.

Comment 2 | From: Sue Whitfield | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:20

Well done! It does seem ridiculous that these people should get away with their behaviour so good for you.

Comment 3 | From: Jenny Lloyd | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:39

I'm full of admiration for the courage of the team out on the streets exercising their democratic right to deliver political leaflets. I've done a lot of leafleting in my time and just one hostile person shouting at you from a front door is unpleasant. The video footage shows was a frightening example of intimidation. Hope appropriate action will follow.

Comment 4 | From: Mel | Date: 4 March 2013, 17:41

Same old fascists same old bully boy tactics. This time all filmed on camera by them and can be used in evidence against them. They really are that stupid! Good on you guys for standing firm, not being intimidated and getting on with exposing them for what they are.

Comment 5 | From: B31 Antifascist (again) | Date: 4 March 2013, 18:14

...and the fuhrer's believing anything that Prodromou's spoonfeeding him as Nick Lowles and the team were not stopped despite the pathetic attempt...and the video footage of you leafleting in Gooshays, LB of Havering (not Goosehays, Essex as he's put it) goes to show how much he knows!

Comment 6 | From: Suebar | Date: 4 March 2013, 18:34

The ignorance of these people is unbelievable. They leave a trail of clues in their embarrassing wake. Well done for your courage and tenacity and for standing up for what is right on behalf of people who hold your views but are unable to go out there on the front line. Thank you.

Comment 7 | From: Pat | Date: 4 March 2013, 18:56

This sort of thing is part and parcel of the job with anti-fascisn and I think that HopenotHate activists played this one well. That bunch of aging fascists were obviously looking for a fight and were dying for somebody to throw the first punch. The best policy is for a small tactical retreat and to continue campaigning with even more determination elsewhere. Defeating them politically is the key. Well dome HnH!

Comment 8 | From: B31 Antifascist (again) | Date: 4 March 2013, 19:35

BNP campaigning obviously gone back to the days of Derek Beackon in Tower Hamlets, 1993.

Comment 9 | From: Jason Hunter | Date: 4 March 2013, 19:52

Well done Nick. I know you know this has happened before around the country, but it sounds like you have got them bang to rights. Lets see what the authorities do but thats what it needs. They need nailing for this. Intimidation will never stop us, but in the free country we love, and they want to destroy, we shouldnt have to put up with it. Keep up the good work.

Comment 10 | From: B31 Antifascist (That Old Chattabocks) | Date: 4 March 2013, 20:04

Get them shamed locally and nationally, have the Romford Recorder and the national press such as the Mirror been informed of these shameful events???

Comment 11 | From: steve | Date: 5 March 2013, 00:56

THis is unbelievable! You guys should not have got in the car and driven off, you should have rang the police! These nazi fascists have proven that they want to destroy and demolish free speech and democracy. It also demonstrates how desperate they have become after being wiped out in local and national elections. God bless Nick and the team, you guys are heroes! Hope you stay safe and keep fighting, we are all with you across the world! You are winning and that is why these thugs are furious! I hope the police investigate this asap.

Comment 12 | From: alfred | Date: 5 March 2013, 05:43

Well done Nick, it took a brave man to confront these bullies. You should add to their dreadful behavior the slanderous accusations of pedophilia directed at you by these thugs. Let them know you have nothing to hide. We all know the truth!

Comment 13 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 5 March 2013, 06:07

Another quote from Griffin: (towns and cities) 'are not ruled from their council chambers but from their streets'. Not just the police that needs to investigate here Steve, as this is a democratic matter, the returning officer of Havering needs to do so and HnH now need to keep the pressure on, if only for the sake of Britain and Mr.Lowles' boiling blood!!!

Comment 14 | From: S.Faiz | Date: 5 March 2013, 19:00

Well done for having the courage to peacefully resist such shameful bullying & intimidation and continue with the vital work of spreading a message of hope in a climate of hate. They were looking for a fight because violence and hate is all they have. "You're not welcome here"? I'd be a bit worried if racists were laying out a red carpet for you! Be glad you're not welcomed by the likes of them. It's a badge of honour.

Comment 15 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 6 March 2013, 07:45

Well said, S.Faiz. Paul Prodromou/Pitt certainly was not welcome here in Birmingham a few weeks ago and his violent anger and contempt he showed towards its citizens showed this. (Birmingham welcomes everyone except racists).

Comment 16 | From: Andy | Date: 11 March 2013, 02:55

Glad to see you exposing pillocks like these. It's difficult to live a happy life when the majority of people around you are relentless bully boys, I know from experience. Very proud of you and what you stand for, pal.

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