Tea Party vandals launch racist attack on Obama posters

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 6 November 2012, 23:04

Citizens of Boonsboro, Maryland, driving along one of the US’s main highways have found themselves confronted with a big real estate signboard containing racist and derogatory sentiments about President Barack Obama. Located at the intersection of U.S. Route 40 Alt. and MD 67, the semi-literate sign read:

OBAMA wants all your daughters to have an Abortion & Paid for by taxpayers because Unfortunately his Teenage Communist PORN STAR MOTHER could not get one!!!

At the bottom, daubed in black paint were the words, “Da Bro gotta GO!”

The roadside sign also calls on people to vote for Mitt Romney, comparing Romney to the late and very unlamented President Ronald Reagan while claiming Obama is a loser.

Republicans in Boonsbury have accused Democrats of planting the sign and claimed it was a ploy to make Republicans look bad on election day. Democrats, though, believe the sign is the work of an extremist Tea Party fringe group operating in heavily Republican Western Maryland. They claim the sign is an attempt to promote Tea Party extremism through often debunked lies and old-fashioned racism.

Claims of taxpayer funded abortions have become a key ingredient of conservative politics and loony claims of President Obama being variously a Muslim, Communist, Fascist, Socialist, and Marxist have persisted since the 2008 campaign, despite having been debunked by every fact check and the application of common sense.

The sign in Boonsboro was still standing on the morning of election day, no one having claimed responsibility for it.

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