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What people think of Robert Spencer

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 21 June 2013, 11:19

HOPE not hate is currently compiling a dossier on Pam Geller and Robert Spencer which will be submitted with our letter to the Home Office next Tuesday. The dossier will explain why we believe that these two people should not be allowed into the UK to attend the EDL demonstration in Woolwich on Saturday 29 June.

So far, 11,382 people have co-signed our letter.

In the meantime, I thought I would share the views of a number of commentators and scholars about Robert Spencer:

“The principal leader…in the new academic field of Islam-bashing.”

“Spencer’s readers are carefully steered away from all contact with the Islamic interpretative tradition, which equals or exceeds that of any other religion, because any scholarly knowledge about Islam would expose all his extremist interpretations to ridicule.”

- Robert Crane (Ex-Nixon Aide, author)


“[Robert Spencer] has no academic training in Islamic studies whatsoever; his M.A. degree was in the field of early Christianity”

“The publications of Spencer belong to the class of Islamophobic extremism that is promoted and supported by right-wing organizations, who are perpetuating a type of bigotry similar to anti-Semitism and racial prejudice. They are to be viewed with great suspicion by anyone who wishes to find reliable and scholarly information on the subject of Islam.”

- Carl Ernst (Islamic Scholar UNC)


“[Robert Spencer] uses the Internet to spread misinformation and hatred of Islam and presents a ‘skewed, one-sided, and inflammatory story that only helps to sow the seed of civilizational conflict’.”

- Benazir Bhutto (Late Prime Minister of Pakistan)


“Robert Spencer is an extremist, right-wing anti-Muslim rabble rouser.”

- Robert Dreyfuss (Nation Magazine Editor, Contributor to Rolling Stone and Mother Jones)


“Mr. Spencer espouses a view of Islam as a system of belief which is essentially violent, undemocratic, totalitarian, exclusive and at war with all non-Muslims. Mr. Spencer in fact goes as far as to equate Islam with fascism.”

- Group of ALA Librarians, scholars and academics


“Spencer’s historical argument is dubious. It emphasizes violent passages in the Koran, while downplaying the passages that urge peace and goodwill. It applies a moral standard to Islamic empires that certainly could not be met by the Roman empire or the empires established by the Portuguese, the Spanish, the French and the British. In the Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella, for example, Jews had three choices: convert to Christianity, leave the country, or be killed. No Muslim empire legislated or systematically enforced such a policy toward its religious minorities.”

“Spencer glibly jumps over entire centuries in linking, say, the savagery of the Ottomans in Constantinople with the savagery of Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

- Dinesh D’Souza (Conservative scholar, pundit and author)


“Robert Spencer, a prolific anti-Islam writer and a leading Islamophobe who is bent on distorting Islam and demonizing Muslims, has persistently argued that violence and terrorism employed by Muslim extremists is rooted in the Quran and its message. Spencer calls the Quran, a book sacred to Muslim, ‘the jihadists’ Mein Kampf,’ in reference to Hitler’s memoir.”

- Louay M. Safi (Islamic Scholar)

To read more quotes, and to learn more about Robert Spencer, I would suggest people visit: www.spencerwatch.com

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