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The International Free Press Society (IFPS) Network

The International Free Press Society (IFPS) Network

International Free Press Society (IFPS)

Founded 1 January 2009 as an international umbrella campaigning organisation for a network of so-called Free Press [speech] Societies across the world. co-ordinate the activities of national Free Press Societies. The IFPS was launched by the Danish Free Press Society, and is based at the latter’s Copenhagen offices [or Frederiksberg]. The IFPS has championed the cause of Geert Wilders (Leader, Dutch Party for Freedom). It launched an international campaign, petition and Defence Fund on 21 January 2009 for Wilders in support of his freedom of speech to criticise Islam and also co-sponsored his speaking tour of major cities across the United States from February-April 2009.  

It has supported the work of several high profile anti-Islamist writers and politicians, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Daniel Pipes, Geert Wilders, Bruce Bawer and Henryk Broder. It has created the Sappho Award for the 'journalist who combines excellence in his work with courage and a refusal to compromise' and this has been awarded to Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who drew the infamous Muhammad cartoon, and Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper which initially published it.

IFPS’s Board of Directors are:

Founder and President: Lars Hedegaard (President, Danish Free Press Society and historian)
Co-Vice Presidents: Dr Paul Belien (Director, Islamist Watch and Founder Editor, The Brussels Journal blog) and Diana West (Columnist, [The] Washington Times), since 2009
Secretary: Christine Brim (Chief Executive, International Civil Liberties Alliance and Chief Operating Officer, Center for Security Policy), since 2009
Treasurer: Bjørn Larsen (President, IFPS - Canada), since 2009
Outreach Co-ordinator: Ned May (aka Edward S. May and Baron Bodissey) (Founder, Gates of Vienna blog), since 2009

IFPS’s Advisory Board members are:

Dr Andrew G. Bostom (author)
Brigitte Gabriel (President: ACT! for America and Act! for America Education)
Frank J. Gaffney Jr. (President, Center for Security Policy)
Professor Ole Hasselbalch (Co-Leader, The Danish Society)
Ezra Levant (Canadian publisher and advisory board member, Stop Islamization of Nations)
Clare M. Lopez (Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy; Vice-President, Intelligence Summit and advisory board member, Clarion Fund)
Martin Mawyer (Director, Christian Action Network)
Andrew C. McCarthy (Senior Fellow, National Review Institute and Contributing Editor, National Review Online)
Dr Daniel Pipes (Director, Middle East Forum)
Nidra Poller (US-born, Paris Editor, Pyjamas Media, who addressed the inaugural CounterJihad conference in Brussels on 18 October 2007)
Professor Roger Scruton (Philosopher; Founder and Consulting Editor, The Salisbury Review magazine)
Sam Solomon (Islamic Affairs Advisor; former Muslim scholar and author, A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding, which was launched at the European Parliament on 13 December 2006)
Robert B. Spencer (Vice-President, Stop Islamization of Nations; Associate Director: American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America; and Director, Jihad Watch)
Mark Steyn (Canadian-born, US-based commentator and author)
Geert Wilders (Leader, Dutch Party for Freedom)
Bat Ye’or (aka Gisèle Littman née Orebi) (Egyptian-Jewish exile, who developed the theory of ‘Eurabia’)
Ibn Warraq (former Muslim Founder, Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society and co-founder, Former Muslims United)
Dr Rachel Ehreneld (Director, New York-based American Center for Democracy; Board of Directors member, Committee on the Present Danger; author, Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed - and How to Stop It, Taylor Trade Publishing, 2003, and who attended the inaugural CounterJihad conference in Brussels on 18-19 October 2007)
 Professor Bruce Thornton (author, Decline and Fall: Europe’s Slow Motion Suicide (Encounter Books, 2008)
Allen West (Republican Congressman from Florida) &

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