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Top dozen players: Peder Nostvold

Peder Nøstvold Jensen

Peder Nøstvold Jensen (aka Fjordman)

Norwegian counter-jihadist blogger and arguably the single most important influence on Anders Breivik. Founder of the Fjordman blog in February 2005 and has since become one of the important prominent bloggers on the counter-Jihad scene in Europe, writing regularly for blogs such as Gates of Vienna, Brussels Journal and Jihad Watch. His work was widely read by Anders Breivik and he was quoted 118 times his 1,500 manifesto.

  • Nøstvold was born in 1975 and has long argued that there is a secret Muslim plot to takeover Europe. He articulated this view in his self-published book Defeating Eurabia, where he argued that the only way to save Europe was to deport all Muslims.
  • He has been equally hostile to multiculturalism, which he believes is allowing Islam to take hold in society. In an article on the Gates of Vienna website, entitled Preparing for Ragnorock, Nøstvold believes that a combination of immigration and multiculturalism will eventually lead to civil war.
    “Perhaps we can do the same once the multicultural madness retreats,” he writes. “We need to make sure, though, that those who have championed the toxic ideas of Multiculturalism and mass immigration of alien tribes disappear with it.
    “Experience tells us that if two or more different populations inhabiting the same country they will eventually be mixed. In combination, this means that the only way the European civilization can flourish in the long run, if we have large territories, specifically reserved for people who are overwhelmingly of European descent. In cases where this has been lost it needs to be restored.
    “We will most likely enter a prolonged period of great turbulence and upheaval; the bubble of welfare state “cradle-to grave security” is about to burst. This process will be painful, but necessary, and is in any case more or less inevitable by now. In 1911 Western Europeans still ruled much of the world. In 2011 we don’t even rule the suburbs in our own major cities, and some learned observers seriously predict the end of European civilization altogether. 
    “This also implies that for the first time in centuries we are the underdogs. There are many historical examples, from the Persian invasions of ancient times to the Muslim invasions later, where Europeans have performed at our best when we have been the underdogs. Perhaps we can do the same once the Multicultural madness retreats. We need to make sure, though, that those who have championed the toxic ideas of Multiculturalism and mass immigration of alien tribes disappear with it. If that happens, we can give our descendants a fresh start and lay the foundations for a new Renaissance, where European civilization can flourish once more.”
  • Following the Norway killings in July 2011, Nøstvold quickly distanced himself Anders Breivik, dismissing him as "violent psychopath". He has more recently written at length about the initial psychiatric evaluation which declared Breivik insane. However, his criticism of the Norwegian authorities has not diminished. Shortly after the bomb blast in Oslo, Nøstvold wrote on Gates of Vienna that readers should remember that the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stotenberg was as much a “pathetic sucker for Islam as it is humanly possible to be" and his Government “the most dhimmi appeasing of all Western governments (…) suicidal and cowardly.” After the shooting at Utøya he declared the Workers Youth League, whose young supporters had been the victims, were a “gang of anti-Israeli, pro-Palestine youth-socialists”.
  • He has been aggressively against immigration into Norway, once writing “they rape the natives and destroy the country.”
  • Nøstvold has also been a strong supporter of the English Defence League. On 19 July, just three days before Breivik went on his killing spree, Nøstvold wrote a glowing article about the EDL on its website. “I see brave people, ordinary men and women, who after years of humiliation and degradation are finally sick and tired of having to watch evil groups and organizations from other parts of the world being allowed to colonize their country and destroy their freedom, with barely a peep of protest from the local authorities. From that perspective, the EDL represents the only good news to come out of the repressive and dysfunctional country known as modern Britain in years. The organization has even inspired similar groups in other parts of Western Europe.
    “I don’t know what the EDL will amount to in the future, but right now it represents potential and hope. That’s why I support the efforts of the EDL, and that’s why you should do so, too.”
  • Attended UK and Scandinavia CounterJihad summit in Copenhagen on 14 April 2007. It was in Copenhagen that Nøstvold met Alan Ayling, aka Alan Lake, though he complained that the Englishman was “controlling”.
  • Regular contributor to the anti-Islamist Gates of Vienna blog.
  • Attended UK and Scandinavia CounterJihad summit in Copenhagen on 14 April 2007.
  • Attended CounterJihad conference in Copenhagen on 16-17 May 2009.
  • Nøstvold finally abandoned his Fjordman pseudonym on 5 August 2011, after coming under much criticism for what many believed to have been his influence over Breivik, and he eventually moved to Denmark.
  • The Fjordman Files Archive (
  • Author, Defeating Eurabia (BJ Books, 2008).
  • The Fjordman Files Archive (
  • Author, Defeating Eurabia, BJ Books, 2008).