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2017 State of Hate

A HOPE not hate special report into extremism in Britain and Europe today

2017 State of Hate

Welcome to our latest State of Hate report, the most authoritative and comprehensive exploration of extremism in Britain and Europe across 2016 and looking into 2017.

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This report looks at the most influential groups and individuals disseminating hate in Britain and abroad. It explores the traditional far right, anti-Muslim “counter-jihadists” and racist street gangs. We also investigate the state of Islamist extremism, both violent and non-violent, and we profile the main far right or populist right group in each of 27 European countries.

A number of special investigations includes one revealing Jim Dowson’s growing European network, that stretches from Loyalists in Northern Ireland to Russian fascists linked to the Kremlin.

We carry a major article from Cas Mudde, a leading expert on populism, on whether far right extremism is the “new normal” in Europe.

In a new departure, we survey the rapidly expanding and increasingly important Alt-Right and Britain’s leading Holocaust deniers.

We also carry the results of our State of the Nation poll, conducted by YouGov for HOPE not hate, opinions and attitudes of Britons to a range of subjects today, such as immigration, Trump and Muslims.

Democracy in Europe is under stress like never before as a range of diverse threats – from Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in the US, right-wing populist parties in western Europe, authoritarian regimes in central and eastern Europe and Russia’s continued interference – are converging to challenge social and economic justice, equality and human rights.

The State of Hate report is an essential tool to helping us understand and assess the character of those threats.

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