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How the EU referendum split the country

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2016 Summer Special now out

Issue 25-26 of HOPE not hate is now out. Summer special 64 pages of investigations, features, interviews and commentary, HOPE not hate is essential reading for all anti-fascists and anti-racists. It is available for a one-off purchase of £4 (UK readers only) or a year’s subscription of £20 Click here.

The new issue includes:

How Brexit changed us

Feature: How Brexit changed us

The decision to leave the European Union has fundamentally changed Britain. We have a new Prime Minister, there are leadership elections in both the Labour Party and UKIP and we could be about to see a new and very well funded nationalist party ...

Why Britain Backed Brexit. Photo Fernando Butcher

Comment: Why Britain Backed Brexit

Brexit has delivered a political earthquake, the tremors of which will be felt for generations. Contrary to many of the academic polls, forecasts, betting and other prediction markets, Britain has voted to end its membership of the European Union. While some of us saw the result coming, many did not ...

Where now for UKIP? Photo flickr.com/photos/armydre2008/

Home News: Where now for UKIP?

Long before the English Defence League (EDL) and its leader Tommy Robinson became household names, the organisation suffered a series of small and seemingly inconsequential splits. Out of one of these ructions emerged a heavy mob, without formal membership, known as “The Infidels”, adopting a name that many EDL activists were already using to label themselves ...

Jo Cox birthday memorial. Photo: Garry Knight

Obituary: Jo Cox was an activist to the last - we have to continue her work

Every morning I wake up to a photo of Jo Cox. It is from the moment at my wedding when confetti was thrown. She is in the middle of the frame - in the thick of it as always, grinning at the joy of others, hands clasped in the encouraging applause, which was her physical default ...

Tune in, Turn up, Turn out

Campaigning: Tune in, Turn up, Turn out

Hot on the heels of our London mayoral voter registration (VR) campaign with ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s, HOPE not hate (Hnh) teamed up with youth empowerment movement, Bite The Ballot, to engage young potential voters across the UK. We were faced with a daunting mission: up to 7.5m people nationally were not voting in elections ...

The fascists who want to buy and sell Hungary

Investigation: The fascists who want to buy and sell Hungary

In a small doorway in Budapest’s city centre, a man is getting overwrought and gesticulating defensively and angrily against prying eyes. He removes his hat to shield his face and starts cursing. It’s not in Magyar, the native tongue of Hungarians, however; it’s in English ...

The 21st Century Movement for Black Lives in the United States

International: The 21st Century Movement for Black Lives in the United States

The United States is experiencing a resurgence of activism - a renewed call for racial justice and the destruction of systemic racism and discrimination (finally!). Some call it a new civil rights movement, others a “post-civil rights movement”. One organisation declares on its T-shirts: “This ain’t yo daddy’s civil rights movement” ...