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Britain’s far right goes to war ….with themselves

HOPE not hate November/December issue now out

Issue 5 of HOPE not hate is now out. 48 pages of investigations, features, interviews and commentary, HOPE not hate is essential reading for all anti-fascists and anti-racists.

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The new issue includes:

Fight Club

Home News: Fight Club

As the splits within the British far right deepen, HOPE not hate carries a number of articles charting the latest developments. In All Change, Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins reflect on the new cycle of acrimonious and quite public infighting as Andrew Brons quits the BNP to set up a new party and Stephen Lennon walks away from the British Freedom Party in anger over Paul Weston’s refusal to take on Nick Griffin. In Fight Club, we charts the growing personal hostility between the BNP’s Nick Griffin and the English Defence League’s Stephen Lennon, while in English Democrats and their Militant tendency we report from inside the ED conference over the growing tensions between the party leadership and the clique of former BNP organisers.

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Guest Interview: Tanni Grey-Thompson

Paralympic champion Tanni Grey-Thompson talks to HOPE not hate about the impact the Olympics and Paralmypics have had on Britain. While she says that the country became a “nicer place” during the tournaments there are still challenges facing people with disabilities.

Forgotten estates

Investigation: Forgotten estates

Dave Porter and Owen Jones report from Leicester over increasingly successful attempts by former EDL and BNP activists to move into community politics. A group calling itself the Committee for the Forgotten Estates of Thurnby Lodge and Netherall has been central in organising protests against a disused scout hut being converted into a Muslim community centre.

Believing that they have been successful here, a similar ‘Forgotten Estates’ campaign is now being formed in Hinckley against plans to transform a former police station into a multi-faith community hub. Again, former far right activists appear central.

The innocence of extremists

Investigation: The innocence of extremists?

Over the last few months there have been protests and violent demonstrations across the world in response to a 14-minute trailer of a film called Innocence of Muslims. HOPE not hate profiles the men behind this inciteful film, and their links to the wider ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement, and explains how a plan hatched by one group of religious extremists to ferment a violent reaction by other extremists whipped up fear and suspicion across wider communities.

Grooming  - an issue we can no longer ignore

Comment: Grooming – an issue we can no longer ignore

Child sex grooming is now the most regularly featured issue in far right propaganda today and as such it is an issue which anti-fascists cannot remain silent. In this Comment piece, Nick Lowles argues that Grooming has more to do with misogyny rather than specifically race. However, he also believes that the reluctance of anti-racists to address the issue and deal with some uncomfortable realities both lets down the victims and allows the far right to distort and racialise the issue.

Two sides of the same coin

International investigation: Two sides of the same coin

German journalist Maik Baumgärtner investigates how extremist Islamist and anti-Islamist ideologies are taking hold in Germany. The announcement by the anti-Muslim pro-Germany Citizens’ Movement (Pro-movement) to show the Innocence of Muslims film and the outlawing of the ‘Millatu Ibrahim’ association are just the latest episodes in a bitter and violent battle between both the small but growing anti-Muslim movement and radical Salafists and also with the German state.

Evil Dawning

Last word: Evil Dawning

HOPE not hate interviews respected London-based Greek journalist Maria Margaronis on the rise of Golden Dawn and how austerity measures are leaving a political vacuum that are encouraging hate crimes. Maria tells HOPE not hate: “Golden Dawn are getting more exposure, they are opening up offices in towns all over Greece, because people have reached a point of despair and humiliation and helplessness.”

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