Activist Action

Tower Hamlets Together

This September the English Defence League is planning to bring their message of hate to Tower Hamlets in London. Under the banner of opposing ‘Islamic homophobia’ they will try to whip up hate and divide the community. HOPE not hate will once again be on campaigning in and with the community to take action and stop the march of hate. Here’s 5 actions you can take as a local and national supporter.

1 Personalise the below template email and send to all your friends, colleagues and e-networks

2 Take the petition to your community

Print off copies here

3 Join us for a campaign day in Tower Hamlets

Email to find out the next available shifts.

4 Get your respective organisations to sign up to our campaign

Member of a Trade Union? Involved in a local organisation in Tower Hamlets? Ask your respective organisations if they will formally support the campaign to ban the march. Use the model motion provided here [insert link] to reach out to your organisations. For more help and advice on this email

5 Tweet and facebook your support

Share the petition via your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have a blog, then think about writing a post on why people should support the ban. Consider adding a HOPE not hate button to your website (see right). Send us a link to your blog by emailing

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