BNP hijack holocaust memorial day - Ceremony disrupted; antifascist trade unionist arrested

Oldham trades council | Friday, 28 January 2005

On Thursday 27th January, Holocaust Memorial Day 2005, Mr Martin Gleeson, secretary of Oldham Trades Council and a prominent anti-racist campaigner in the town, was arrested following a complaint by Oldham BNP activist Anita Corbett. Having turned up uninvited[1], the BNP complained that Mr Gleeson, in laying the Trades Council's wreath, had damaged a wreath that the BNP had themselves laid. Mr... Read more

BNP trail in last again

| Friday, 28 January 2005

Three by-elections, three failures. For the third week running the BNP has stood in a council by-election and come in last. Result of the Crosby and Park Ward by-election, Thursday 27 January 2005 Candidate Party Votes % Christine O'Sullivan Labour 1044 54.9 Neil Poole Lib Dem 414 21.8 Michael William Sykes Conservative 258 13.6... Read more

Racists and xenophobes bring up the rear

| Thursday, 27 January 2005

The British National Party came last in council by-elections last month in Hull and Durham. The election in Derringham ward in Hull, Yorkshire was called after the previous election, which appeared to have been won by the United Kingdom Independence Party, was declared void. A court ruled that a new election should be held when it was discovered that some... Read more

Holocaust service marred by arrest

| Thursday, 27 January 2005

OLDHAM'S service to commemorate international Holocaust Day was disrupted when a man was arrested following a claim of criminal damage, made by former local BNP leader Mick Treacy. Mr Treacy made the complaint to police who were at the 9am service at Oldham's war memorial, after a BNP wreath "in memory of the victims of all Holocausts" was overlaid by another... Read more

Redbridge Together open letter

| Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Download Redbridge Together open letter ... Read more

Life sentences for racist murder

| Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Two men found guilty of murder after beating a Sri Lankan man to death in a race attack have been jailed for life. James Rossiter, 22, of Laudon Park, and Tony Pile, 19, of Bailey's Field, both from Ashford, will each serve at least 25 years in jail, the judge said. The pair were found guilty on Tuesday after a... Read more

Angry MP slams far right BNP

| Thursday, 20 January 2005

LOCAL MP Geraldine Smith has hit out at the British National Party for targeting parts of her constituency with a leaflet campaign. Houses around the Ryelands and Skerton area of Lancaster have received BNP leaflets but Ms Smith says: "People can see right through the BNP." The leaflet from the Far Right party aims to dispel the image that it is made... Read more

MP furious over smear

By Neil Elkes, Evening Mail | Tuesday, 4 January 2005

A Birmingham MP has accused the British National Party of a smear campaign after political leaflets falsely claimed he had been reported to police for inciting violence. The far right BNP leaflet The Weoley Castle Patriot, delivered to homes in the area in October, claimed the Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden was encouraging violence through anti-fascist groups and that he had... Read more