Sunderland rejects BNP

| Wednesday, 30 November 2005

The BNP took a mere 67 votes in a Sunderland City Council by-election on 24 November. Ian Leadbitter's 3.0% in Barnes ward represented a drop of 6.6% since the party contested the ward in 2004. This failure must be a big disappointment for the top ranks of the BNP as it shows that Kevin Scott, the party's regional organiser, is... Read more

Searchlight acts to stop Tesco sale of Nazi books

| Friday, 25 November 2005

Tesco, Britain's leading supermarket, has promised to stop selling Nazi books following representations by Searchlight. A Searchlight investigator was surprised and horrified to find a wide range of hardcore Nazi and antisemitic literature for sale on Tesco's website. The books included The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a 19th century forgery that purports to prove that Jews plotted... Read more

Trade union leader calls for all-out response to BNP in Thurrock

| Wednesday, 23 November 2005

The BNP are fighting hard to win a council by-election in a seat which they have previously held. The BNP realise that a victory here will not only give them a boost for next year's local elections but act as a springboard for their campaigns in East London. It is vital we stop them. Barking, Dagenham and Havering Together has offered... Read more

Irving charged over Holocaust denial

| Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Formal charges have been filed in Austria against David Irving for allegedly denying the Holocaust took place. The UK historian was arrested on November 11 on a warrant issued in 1989. He is being held after allegedly violating an Austrian law which makes Holocaust denial a crime, a prosecutor said The charges stem from speeches Mr Irving made in 1989 in Vienna and... Read more

BNP councillor to face race charge

| Tuesday, 22 November 2005

A BURNLEY British National Party councillor has been charged with racially abusing a group of Asians in the town centre. Brian Turner was arrested by police in Hammerton Street on Sunday morning following the alleged altercation. The Cliviger with Worsthorne councillor was questioned by police and charged with a section four racially aggravated public order offence. He was released on... Read more

BNP fights Bournemouth by-election

| Friday, 18 November 2005

The British National Party is standing in a Bournemouth council by-election on 15 December. Barry Bennett, the party's local organiser, will contest a vacancy in Littledown & Iford ward. In 2003 three Liberal Democrat councillors were elected with large majorities. The Conservatives came second. The BNP did not stand on that occasion. The BNP leadership was very keen to show the... Read more

Ex BNP member lands legal bill

By Glenn Ebrey | Tuesday, 15 November 2005

THE leader of Lewisham's Liberal Democrats has spoken of his relief after he was cleared of libelling a British National Party (BNP) candidate. Councillor Mark Morris was sued by rival Tess Culnane, after she claimed his party published a malicious election leaflet. But last week a High Court jury found the leaflet was not libellous and ordered Mrs Culnane to pay more... Read more

Neo-nazi trial put on ice after upset

| Tuesday, 15 November 2005

The trial of notorious Holocaust-denier Ernst ZŁndel will have to be rescheduled after the judge disqualified the public defender. She had appointed a debarred right-wing extremist as her legal assistant. On the second day of the trial against neo-Nazi Ernst ZŁndel in Mannheim, Judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen announced that a new lawyer would have to be assigned to defend the 66-year old.... Read more

BNP goes all out to regain Thurrock council seat

| Monday, 7 November 2005

The British National Party is mounting a full campaign for a by-election in Thurrock, Essex on 1 December. Its candidate, Emma Colgate, is hoping to regain the Grays Riverside seat that Nicholas Geri held for the party between September 2003 and June 2004. This is likely to be the last chance for the BNP to reverse its 14-month losing streak... Read more

Nazi printer must pay libel damages

| Saturday, 5 November 2005

A solicitor has won £19,000 damages from a nazi who called him a "greedy, incompetent and inefficient tosspot". Anthony Hancock, one of the world's most notorious printers of nazi literature, had subjected Martin Cray, whose firm operates in Brighton, East Sussex, to a two-year campaign of harassment. Judge John Previte at the High Court in London also made Hancock pay Mr... Read more

Muslims speak over BNP slurs

Andy Walker | Friday, 4 November 2005

THE CHAIRMAN of the Solihull Muslim Community Association (SMCA) has said the British National Party dragged up old news for a recent political flyer. Earlier this week the BNP posted leaflets through borough households detailing the party's opposition against the building of a mosque in Solihull. The document also included a printout from SMCA's website highlighting the point that the... Read more

Race hate mag suggested readers ‘Roast a Rabbi’

| Friday, 4 November 2005

Five white supremacists were jailed today for a total of 15 years for producing and distributing race-hate material. The five, all members of the extreme right-wing Racial Volunteer Force, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to publish a magazine called Stormer with the intention of stirring up racial hatred. It included a step by step guide to making a nailbomb and a... Read more

Racist taunts land neighbour in court

| Thursday, 3 November 2005

A WOMAN suffered two years of racial harassment and abuse at the hands of her neighbour, a St Albans Crown Court jury decided on Monday. Tony Malski, aged 50, of Lybury Lane, Redbourn, had pleaded not guilty to two charges of racially harassing Mrs Arifa Kahn and racially abusing her in 2004. But he was found guilty and is to be... Read more

Butler serves up more failures

| Tuesday, 1 November 2005

The British National Party contested three council by-elections in September and October and polled pitiful results in all of them. So low are the BNP's expectations these days that its website crowed about what a great result Bob Crane achieved for the party in a ward in Leicestershire with a mere 13.7%. The BNP's report pointed out that Groby ward... Read more

Greysteel killer back serving life: Licence taken away after football attack

Paddy McGuffin | Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Greysteel 'trick or treat' killer Stephen Irwin will now have to serve out eight life sentences for his part in the Greysteel massacre after slashing a football fan with a Stanley knife, it can be revealed today. Irwin is set to become one of the few prisoners freed under the Good Friday Agreement to be returned to jail to serve the... Read more