The Huffington Post: Review: 'Hate' Is Where The Heart Is

The Huffington Post | Friday, 30 September 2011

Back in 2003 I was completing publication of an exhaustive six-year journey inside neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements. The results of that journey were contained in HOMELAND: Into a World of Hate, a book that nearly broke me financially and emotionally. Shortly thereafter a BBC drama film, England Expects, based on my book's researches, also came out - and I... Read more

EDL leader convicted of assault | Thursday, 29 September 2011

The leader of the English Defence League is facing a possible jail sentence after being convicted of assault. Stephen Lennon launched a verbal attack on a fellow member of the far-right group before headbutting his victim, Preston Magistrates' Court heard. Lennon, 28, founder of the EDL, "goaded" a crowd of followers during a rally by 2,000 supporters in Blackburn on... Read more

EDL leader 'headbutted supporter' at Blackburn protest | Thursday, 29 September 2011

The leader the English Defence League (EDL) verbally abused a member of the group before head-butting him, a court has heard. Stephen Lennon, 28, goaded followers during a rally in Blackburn on 2 April, magistrates heard. His victim, Alan McKee, 33, was accused of putting messages online about informers and "grasses". EDL founder Lennon, of Luton, denies common assault, at... Read more

UDA Superfan

by Steven Moore (Sunday World) | Wednesday, 21 September 2011

THIS IS the far right English extremist who’s aligning his gang of thugs to the UDA. Self-styled anti-Muslim fanatic John ‘Snowy’ Shaw is seen here posing for snaps in Derry during a recent Orange march. The former English Defence League leader – who has formed a breakaway group called ‘The Infidels’ is also seen posing in front of a UDA... Read more

Racist taunts spark knife chase in Gillingham

Kent Online | Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Two English Defence League protesters "bit off more than they could chew" when they caused a racist scene in a kebab shop. Turkish staff armed themselves with long knives used to carve meat and chased brothers Wayne and Darren Edwards out into the street. Wayne Edwards came off the worst and needed five stitches in a wound to his head.... Read more

Debate invite to BNP chief prompts major row at TCD society

Irish Times by Patsy McGarry | Monday, 19 September 2011

A PLANNED debate at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society has divided its committee and been thrown into disarray following a decision to invite British National Party MEP Nick Griffin to take part. The debate, on the motion that This House Believes Immigration Has Gone Too Far , is scheduled for October 20th next. Mr Griffin has agreed to speak in favour... Read more

"Hate" reviewed

Street Voice by Street Voice | Saturday, 17 September 2011

MATTHEW COLLINS - Hate: This is an excellent read by Matthew Collins who tells his story about his involvement in British Far Right and how he came to becoming a dedicated Anti-Fascist. You get a no boundaries account about the violence which was and still is rife in those circles. The early chapters of the book shows how easy it... Read more

Matthew Collins author of Hate interviewed

Street Voice UK by Street Voice | Saturday, 17 September 2011

Street Voice: First off can you tell our readers a little about yourself please? In the 1980's as a teenager I became involved with the NF/BNP, eventually getting a job at the NF's head office and then became very disillusioned with the far-right and went onto work for Searchlight as a mole. I'm well aware that people... Read more

BNP candidate guilty of child pornography.

by Simon Cressy | Thursday, 15 September 2011

A leading East Midlands BNP officer and candidate has pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography. Gavin Leist, the Charnwood BNP secretary, appeared at Leicester Crown Court on 7 September following the discovery of a large quantity of child pornography. Leist, who is believed to be a life member of the BNP, stood as the party’s candidate in... Read more

BNP leader Nick Griffin given debate platform at Trinity College Dublin

Jewish Chronicle by Jennifer Lipman | Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nick Griffin has been invited to speak at a Trinity College Dublin event. A university spokeswoman confirmed that the British National Party leader is set to appear at a Philosophical Society meeting on October 20. According to a post on the personal blog of the party's media officer Simon Darby, Griffin was invited along with a "BNP delegation" for a... Read more

HOPE not hate condemns 'extremist exploitation' of 9/11 anniversary

by Nick Lowles | Friday, 9 September 2011

Muslims Against Crusades website “exposes pact of hate” The anti-extremist campaign group HOPE not hate condemned what they called “exploitation” of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks after it emerged that the Islamist campaigners Muslims against Crusades had established a website portraying a graphic reconstruction of the Twin Towers atrocity, alongside the slogan “You lost the... Read more

BNP organiser convicted for racist tirade

by Matthew Collins | Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A BNP organiser and council candidate was yesterday found guilty of using racially aggravated threatening or insulting words and behaviour after he called a petrol station worker “a black bastard”. Darren Lumb, the BNP organiser for Wakefield, was convicted at Pontefract Magistrates’ Court following an altercation with garage staff regarding the price of diesel. Lumb had already been banned from... Read more

Five months for protester who hit policeman at far-Right demo

Evening Standard by Paul Cheston | Tuesday, 6 September 2011

An English Defence League protester who punched a policeman during last weekend's banned demo in east London has been jailed for five months. Darrell Copeland, 44, charged a line of police and smashed Sergeant James Lloyd in the face as the officers struggled to control demonstrators from the far-Right group. Copeland, who had been drinking, struggled violently as he was... Read more

Muslims criticise Scotland Yard for telling them to engage with EDL

The Guardian by Vikram Dodd and Matthew Taylor | Saturday, 3 September 2011

Scotland Yard has been accused of underestimating the threat from the English Defence League (EDL) after the head of the unit monitoring hate groups declared it was not an extremist organisation. In an email obtained by the Guardian, Adrian Tudway, National Co-ordinator for Domestic Extremism, said he formed the view the EDL were not extreme after reading their website. Today... Read more