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BNP copy cats

| Friday, 27 February 2004

The BNP have suffered a humiliating climbdown after being forced to remove most of its multimedia section on its website. The BNP move came after Searchlight researchers began contacting media outlets informing them that the BNP was breaking copyright by having their newsclips on its site. Most of the clips more...

City councillor switches to BNP

| Thursday, 26 February 2004

An independent councillor in Stoke-on-Trent has joined the BNP, doubling the party's presence on the city council. Barry Cuthbertson says he decided to join the far-right party because he believes freedom of speech in Britain is being "curtailed". The Norton and Bradeley councillor also believes political mismanagement has brought the more...

And then there were six

| Thursday, 26 February 2004

Another Burnley BNP councillor has resigned. Maureen Stowe, councillor for Brunshaw ward, has left the BNP. She handed in her resignation today after talks with the Council Leader. She will remain on the council as an Independent. She was elected to the council in May, taking the Brunshaw seat from more...

Aslef wins BNP expulsion appeal

| Tuesday, 24 February 2004

A ruling that a train drivers' union acted unlawfully when it expelled a British National Party (BNP) member, has been overturned. Jay Lee, 34, from Bexley, south-east London, was thrown out of Aslef when the union made the discovery. Mr Lee, who stood as a candidate for the far right more...

BNP trounced in Yoxford

| Monday, 23 February 2004

A poor result in the Yoxford ward of Suffolk saw the BNP come third out of four candidates standing. The BNP took just 15.2% of the vote in the by-election on February 4th. Paul Goodchild, the BNP candidate received 153 votes, while John Slater, the winning Liberal Democrat candidate took more...

BNP seek to infiltrate UKIP

| Monday, 23 February 2004

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) claimed last month that members of the BNP had attempted to infiltrate a branch of their party. They said that they had intercepted emails which indicated a "far reaching plan" to disrupt its campaign for the European elections in June. UKIP added that members more...

BNP flops in attempt to intimidate union

Matthew Collins | Monday, 23 February 2004

The BNP's attempt to harass people working to expose their criminality fell flat last month when despite a national mobilisation only 36 fascists braved the wrath of members of several trade unions and organisations to demonstrate outside the offices of the Commission for Racial Equality and later on the same more...

Buy British. Not if you are the BNP

| Monday, 23 February 2004

The British National Party was left looking rather silly after it was revealed that its party badges were made in China. The BNP prides itself on its "Buy British" policy. After all, that - so it claims - is what it is all about. But last month it was discovered more...

Grieving family's fury at BNP claim

By Geoff Johnson, The Journal | Monday, 23 February 2004

The far-right BNP is using the tragic death of a girl in its propaganda war against immigrants in the North-East without even asking her family's permission.Last night, 12-year-old Amy Houston's father's said the party was using his daughter's memory "as a political football in its attempts to stir up hatred."Amy more...

Concern grows over far-right election success

By Staff Reporter by Ealing Times | Thursday, 5 February 2004

A campaign group set up to oppose the rise of extreme right politicians has warned the British National Party may be successful in London elections this year.Londoners go to the polls to elect a mayor, London Assembly members and MEPs in June, and there are fears the British National Party more...