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Outrage at David Irving plan to visit Treblinka death camp

by Searchlight / Nigdy Wiecej | Tuesday, 14 September 2010

David Irving: convicted Holocaust denier and self-admitted fascist
David Irving: convicted Holocaust denier and self-admitted fascist

Survivors of the Holocaust are outraged that the Polish Government is permitting David Irving, one of the most notorious apologists for Hitler and the Nazi regime, to lead a tour of the Treblinka death camp later this month.

Irving, a convicted Holocaust denier, is a self-admitted fascist. The British courts, over four decades, have also deemed him to be a serial liar, most recently when he lost his libel action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt. As a historian he is discredited and disgraced.

Irving's week-long tour starts on 21 September in Warsaw and will include visits to the Hitler's "Wolf's Lair" headquarters and the site of the heroic rising in 1943 of the Jews held prisoner inside the Warsaw ghetto as the Nazis tried to eliminate them through a programme of casual killings, starvation, rampant disease and transportation to Treblinka and other death camps.

Irving's brochure for the tour describes Treblinka, where 800,000 Jews were murdered, as "one of Himmler's real death-camp sites", in contrast to Auschwitz, which he is not visiting, which he claims is a reconstructed "tourist attraction" - a signal that his lectures on the tour will promote his offensive thesis that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz and that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust.

His tour group is likely to include Holocaust deniers and present-day nazis from the UK, other Western European countries and perhaps from the US.

Yet the only, wholly inadequate, reaction of the gutless Polish Government is to announce that Irving will be monitored by the secret service. When Irving visited Austria in 2006 he was arrested and imprisoned for his statements denying the Holocaust. Other countries have denied him entry altogether.

Let's honour the memory of those who rose up in April 1943 and gave the nazis and their Ukrainian allies a bloody nose instead of the present for Hitler on his birthday on 20 April that SS General Stroop had promised. The resistance lasted for several weeks with a handful of survivors fighting their way out of the ghetto.

We call on all Polish anti-fascists to turn out and protest at every venue that Irving thinks he can visit unhindered to insult the memory of survivors and the resistance. Let this liar, criminal and fascist know what it's like to be hunted down along with his Jew-hating pals who prop him up financially.

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Nigdy Wiecej (Never Again) www.nigdywiecej.org

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