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Elton John distances himself from Ukip after Nigel Farage hints at support

The Guardian by Josh Halliday | Tuesday, 19 August 2014 | Click here for original article

Jewish Task Force member admiring the EDLís Amsterdam debacle
Jewish Task Force member admiring the EDLís Amsterdam debacle

Sir Elton John has taken the unusual step of denying he supports any political party after Nigel Farage hinted that the star could back Ukip.

Farage was swiftly rebuffed by the musician after suggesting in a radio interview that he had a "big announcement" to make after being invited to a recent dinner party at John's house.

The claim prompted the musician's spokesman, Gary Farrow, to deny that the 67-year-old singer-songwriter would be supporting any political party. "Elton will not be favouring any party," he said.

The spokesman also countered Farage's claim that he was invited to the dinner by John and his partner David Furnish, saying the Ukip leader was there as a guest of Lord Black, the former media baron who served three years in a US jail for fraud. He did, however, concede that the pair got on very well.

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