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Racist graffiti concern for police and locals

Get Hampshire by Stephanie Cockroft | Saturday, 14 January 2012 | Click here for original article

A SERIES of racist insults and celebrations of far-right political parties were found strewn across buildings in Aldershot last week.

The offensive graffiti, brazened across the buildings in bright red spray paint, included references to the National Front (NF), The British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL), three groups renowned for their right-wing policies.

Using words such as ‘maggots’ and a derogatory term for East Asians, the vandals defaced toilet blocks, homes and numerous commercial properties during the rampage.

Offensive swear words as well as instructions to ‘go home’, were also daubed across the buildings.

The graffiti was spotted on Friday of last week by police who were on patrol in Aldershot at around 4.45am.

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