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UK far right: True Twits

New Europe by Andy Carling | Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | Click here for original article

The latest attempt to reconstruct the British far right, after its spectacular collapse failed before it had even started.

Andrew Brons, one of two British National Party MEPs has finally quit the party, having fallen out with party leader, Nick Griffin shortly after they took up their seats in Brussels. The party has been subject to bitter infighting, culminating in a leadership contest between the two deputies, with Griffin winning by nine votes.

Brons, a man who never passes a fence without sitting on it for as long as humanly possible, has finally made his move, announcing a new party, True Brits. Brons began his political career in the National Socialist Movement before moving between the many small groups on the outer fringe of politics.

In 1984, Brons was fined after shouting slogans like “Death to Jews” in the Yorkshire city of Leeds.

As soon as it was announced, the newborn party was in terminal decline. The party was registered by its leader, Peter Philips, a gay man. His sexuality so offended the other new members that he was swiftly ejected, but Philips appears to have taken the name with him.

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