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PCC reaction: Losing candidate claims election was unfair

Luton on Sunday by Lauren Archell | Friday, 16 November 2012 | Click here for original article

POLICE and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidate Kevin Carroll has claimed that his election campaign would have been fairer had it taken place in ‘Zimbabwe or China.’

Despite being ‘ecstatic’ and ‘over the moon’ with receiving 8,675 votes, the British Freedom Party representative said that his campaign was plagued with problems.

Mr Carroll, who came in fourth place, claimed that since declaring that he would stand in the election he had been threatened, arrested by the police, had his car impounded, and had been excluded from almost all meetings relevant to the PCC role.

Speaking after the result, Mr Carroll said he was delighted to still manage to claim 10 per cent of the vote, which means he will see his £5,000 deposit returned.

He said: “ I am ecstatic. Barely anyone gets 10 per cent of the vote on their first time standing.

“I’m the new boy in town and I’m just cutting my teeth. My team have worked very hard.

Asked whether he would stand for the next election for the post, which is expected to take place in 2016, he said: “All being well, I would definitely like to.

“Had the turn out been bigger this time, I feel I would have had a chance.

“I’ll have to re-group and consider what my next plans will be.”

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