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Racist taunts land neighbour in court

| Thursday, 3 November 2005 Source: Herts Advertiser

A WOMAN suffered two years of racial harassment and abuse at the hands of her neighbour, a St Albans Crown Court jury decided on Monday.

Tony Malski, aged 50, of Lybury Lane, Redbourn, had pleaded not guilty to two charges of racially harassing Mrs Arifa Kahn and racially abusing her in 2004. But he was found guilty and is to be sentenced later this month.

Mrs Kahn, of Stephens Way, who is of Pakistani origin, told the court that Malski had racially harassed her since she moved into her home in November 2002.

He had called her names, insulted her and parked his car so that she had problems getting out of her garage.

She said he also stood at a window of his flat in Lybury Lane shouting racist insults at her.

She maintained that on September 28, 2004, she had wanted to get her car out of her garage to visit her father who was ill, but had been unable to do so because Malski's Vauxhall Frontera was blocking it. Because she was scared of Malski, she had asked a friend to see if he would move the vehicle but he had refused to do so.

Then on October 6 as she arrived home, Malski had walked to her car, opened the door and harassed her, saying she should go back to the country she came from. He had also kicked the car and hammered on the bonnet with his fists.

Neighbour Peter Tomlinson said he knew Malski because of things that had happened in the village. He was out walking his dogs when he saw Malski head for a BMW convertible car and then saw him open the door and shout at Mrs Kahn.

In evidence Malski, who admitted he had previous convictions for assault, criminal damage and drink driving, claimed he had not been in Redbourn on that date in September 2004, because he had taken his then partner, Jo Waldon, and her children to see her father in Leicester who had been ill. He denied that he had racially harassed Mrs Kahn at any time.

Miss Waldon, who is now living in a Woman's Aid hostel near Leicester, maintained that Malski, the father of her youngest child, was not a racist. She said two of her other children were half Asian and the third was half Jamaican and that Malski had helped to look after them.

Under cross examination from prosecuting council Laura Blackband, she admitted that after she had left her home in Harpenden in September this year she had told Leicester City Council and the police that she fled because her former partner Malski had threatened to kill her. She maintained she had done that in a bid to persuade Leicester City Council to rehouse her.

She said her real reason for leaving Harpenden was because of trouble with her neighbours and she had said she was scared of Malski in a bid to get herself rehoused in Leicester.

Domestic Violence officer PC Sarah Cameron told the court that she had talked to Miss Waldon after she had made her complaint that Malski had threatened to kill her.

In that conversation Miss Waldon had told her that she was due to be a witness in Malski's defence but she was then prepared to make a statement saying Mrs Kahn's version of the incident in Redbourn was true.


Searchlight adds:

Tony Malski was implicated in the nazi plot to bomb the Notting Hill carnival in 1981 when he was leader of the small nazi paramilitary group, the National Socialist Action Party. He was exposed by Ray Hill, Searchlight's mole in the extreme right, in a World in Action programme, and in the Daily Mirror and News of the World.

Some years later he turned up as an independent council election candidate in Redbourn, standing with the support of members of the local Conservative Association. He was exposed by Searchlight in the Daily Mirror.

It took Hertfordshire Police nearly two years to halt the harassment of Mrs Kahn and that was only after pressure from a senior officer from Watford Council, who had got involved at the request of the neighbouring Three Rivers Council and called on Searchlight investigators to assist.

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