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Danish festival overrun by hate merchants

Source: HOPE not hate/Danish sources | Friday, 22 May 2015

Top fascist and Islamophobic extremists are being given star billing at a free speech fest on Denmark’s scenic Baltic island of Bornholm.

The event, the so-called “People's Meeting”, will take place from 11 to 15 June at Allinge.

Among those apparently invited are:

• Dutch anti-immigrant populist Islamophobe Geert Wilders

• Former Greek army general and nazi Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideois

• Convicted Italian terrorist and fascist Forza Nuova boss, Roberto Fiore

• Yvan Benedetti from the violent French fascist L'Oeuvre française

Wilders has been asked to attend by loudmouthed Danish Islamophobe Anders Gravers Pedersen, chairman of Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD), who is planning to display US Islamophobe Pamela Geller’s anti-Muslim cartoons.

SIAD and Frit Danmark said earlier this week, creating uproar in the process, that they would be bringing drawings of the prophet Mohammed with them to Bornholm.

“We are doing it for free speech, which is under attack by jihadists and because you cannot have degrees of free speech,” declared Pedersen in a press release.

According to the online news portal,, the two groups plan to exhibit the drawings that were part of the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest event in Garland, Texas, earlier this month where gunmen, who opened fire at the gathering that was organised by Geller and attended by Wilders, were shot and killed by police. The Islamist terror group Isis claimed credit for the attack.

Frit Danmark has warned that if the display leads to any confrontations its supporters are ready to defend themselves “by any means necessary”.

“If a situation should occur in which we don’t have sufficient security, we will need to take action with vigilantism,” the group’s chairman, Michael Ellegaard, told Jyllands-Posten, the paper whose publication of offensive anti-Muslim caricatures in 2005 sparked violent protests across the globe.

The fascist Party of the Danes led by Hitler fan Daniel Carlsen, a former member of the Danish National Socialist Movement, has invited the other three.

Fiore, 56, is a close friend of redundant former British National Party leader Nick Griffin. The latter is now busy slithering his way back into the international nazi fold but has not yet been invited to the junket on Bornholm.

Fiore was wanted for years in connection with his membership of the terrorist Armed Revolutionary Nuclei (ARN) which was behind the fascist bomb massacre at Bologna’s main railway station in August 1980 in which 85 people were killed and over two hundred injured. He was subsequently cleared of involvement in the bombing.

After the slaughter, he fled to the UK where he set up a property empire, became a multi-millionaire and allegedly worked for the British external security service MI6 while several of his fascist terrorist ARN pals were subsequently tried and convicted for murder.

Benedetti’s mob, L'Oeuvre française, was banned by the French government in July 2013 after the brutal murder, in Paris, of 18-year-old anti-fascist Clément Méric by a gang of fascists. Benedetti was also member and election candidate of the far right Front National but was thrown out in 2011.

The Danish Adult Education Association, which is “heavily represented at the People's Meeting”, claims the annual open-air event is aimed at “strengthening democracy and dialogue”.

Where subverters of democracy like Wilders and outright enemies of democracy like Epitideois, Fiore and Benedetti quite fit into this well-meaning schema is not known. Nor has it been explained.

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