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American White Nationalists to attend inaugural Identitarian Congress in Budapest

Source: HOPE not hate | Friday, 22 August 2014

From Eric O' Neill in Washinton DC

American and European racists will gather in Budapest on October 3-5 to participate in the first Identitarian Congress. Sponsors of the three-day event include the American white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute (NPI), the Swedish far-right think tank Motpol, the American racist journal Radix and Arktos Media, a far-right publishing house based in Budapest and major distributor of New Right and Identitarian literature. Scheduled speakers include a mix of European Identitarian figures and ideologues such as Markus Willinger and Philippe Vardon as well as leading American white nationalists Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer.

Spencer, the current president of NPI and the founder of Radix, is heavily promoting the Identitarian Congress in the United States. An advocate for the creation of a white ethno state, in a recent interview Spencer called for a sterilization program to slow non-white birthrates. Taylor, almost 30 years Spencer’s senior, is the head of the New Century Foundation, and formerly published the racist magazine American Renaissance (AMREN). In 2005, Taylor wrote, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears."Both Spencer and Taylor have spoken in Europe in recent years and have invited European New-Right/Identitarian ideologues and activists to participate in events in the U.S.

Former Croatian diplomat Tom Sunic is another scheduled speaker. Sunic regularly addresses racist gatherings in America and Europe, including the BNP’s national conference in September 2013. Sunic sits on the board of the American white nationalist political party American Freedom Party (AFP) and is the author of the anti-Semitic book, Homo Americanus. Hungarian-based American John Morgan, editor of Arktos, will also speak. Morgan recently moved Arktos from India to Budapest. He is allied with members of the Jobbik, Hungary’s right-wing extremist political party, which will also be participating in the October conference.

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