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Nazi terrorist Manfred Roeder dies aged 85

Source: HOPE not hate | Thursday, 31 July 2014

The oft-convicted German nazi terrorist Manfred Roeder died on Wednesday in Neukirchen, aged 85.

Roeder, a close associate of the late and unlamented leader of the British National Party boss John Tyndall, was also a close associate of top UK right-wing nazis and outright Holocaust Deniers Richard Edmonds, Peter Rushton and Lady Renouf.

Born in Berlin in 1929, he became a teenage Nazi fanatic, attending the exclusive Nazi NAPOLA head-fixing centre in Plön before serving as a boy soldier in the Wehrmacht’s defence of Berlin in 1945.

He never lost his Nazi convictions, qualifying as a lawyer and earning a lucrative living from defending his fellow crime-prone extremists and representing such Nazi luminaries as one-time Hitler-deputy Rudolf Hess.

His views inevitably and quickly led him into trouble, linking up with nazis and violent racists – including the Ku Klux Klan and British fascists – abroad and collecting a long string of convictions for crimes that included terrorism after events in 1980 when his “German Action Groups” organisation carried out at least seven bomb and arson attacks against buildings housing foreign workers and asylum seekers.

Roeder was defined as a terrorist by the German legal authorities as a result of these murderous activities in which at least two people were killed and for which he collared a thirteen-year jail term.

It did not deter his criminal activity. In 1996, together with other nazis, he carried out an attack on an exhibition in Erfurt, detailing the criminal role of the Wehrmacht in Nazi Germany, for which he was charged with property damage and fined 4,500 DM.

In 1997, the German TV current affairs programme Panorama revealed that in 1995, Roeder had appeared as an invited speaker at the German military's Hamburg officer academy in Hamburg.

The resulting scandal, as well as the fact that Roeder had received financial donations from the German military, led to the summary dismissal of the academy's commander.

In 1997, he stood as a parliamentary candidate of the nazi National Democratic on Stralsund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern but democracy made a fool of him, massively rejecting his ideas and party.

After being sentenced to prison by courts in Schwerin and Rostock under Germany's Volksverhetzung (incitement to hatred) laws and for other crimes, he was given a further ten months in September 2004 for contempt by a court in Frankfurt . In February 2005, he was convicted again for the same crime in Schwalmstadt, beginning his jail term on 12 May 2005 but being released shortly afterwards on health grounds.

One of his last international flings was to get arrested at Heathrow airport under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in September 2007 while on his way to meet his UK nazi friends and immediately deported.

In his later years, beset by poor health, he took it upon himself to play host to all manner of nazis, racists, antisemites and Holocaust Deniers at the same time as producing a newsletter to regale the younger generation of fascists with his twisted view of the world and to encourage their violence.

The world is well rid of this nazi oxygen thief who occupied the planet for 85 years too long and whom nobody with the slightest shred of decency will mourn.

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