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16 year old student leader and Patriotic March activist attacked by fascists

Source: Justice for Colombia News | Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | Click here for original article

On Sunday January 13th, 16 year old Nicolas Gutiérrez, Patriotic March activist and student leader, was viciously attacked by 30 members of a neo-Nazi paramilitary group “Comando Radical Nacionalista” (Radical Nationalist Command), in Bogota.

Nico had been playing football with friends in Simon Bolivar Park, when the group of skinheads, wearing swastika symbols and shouting fascist slogans, surrounded him and kicked him repeatedly in the skull causing him to be hospitalised. His face has been partially disfigured and will need reconstructive surgery.

According to the Patriotic March, the skinhead group is one of many which multiplied under the previous Uribe administration, allegedly promoted, funded and trained by active and retired members of the military, and which are alleged to train openly in street combat in the Simon Bolivar and National parks in Bogota.

In October last year it was reported that another fascist group, the National Socialist Union of Colombia, was seen carrying out arms training in Simon Bolivar Park in the presence of members of the Police.

The groups are said to be based on the principles of fascism, nationalism, anticommunism, the protection of private property, race and drug consumption.

This attack is the latest in a series of abuses and persecution against Patriotic March members, including imprisonment, assassinations and false accusations by members of the government.

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