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HOPE not hate fundraising CD

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Goodnight - HOPE not hate fundraising CD

The full track listing

Disc One

  • Los Fastidios - In 1968
  • Inspiral Carpets - Our Time
  • Section 60 - Champion of the Underdog
  • Louise Distras - Stand Strong Together
  • Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six - The Tell Tale Hound
  • The Lottery Winners - Elizabeth
  • Tracey Curtis - Raising Girls & Boys
  • Spanish Class - Sven
  • The Barefoot Bandit - Blue Lights Flashing
  • Briana Corrigan - 15 Wonderful Love Songs
  • Attila the Stockbroker - Looters
  • Rawfolds - We Are the Underclass
  • Steve White & The Protest Family - Which Side Are You On?
  • The Wonder Stuff - Last Days of the Feast

Disc Two

  • Billy Bragg - The Battle of Barking
  • Chumbawamba - The Day the Nazi Died
  • Paddy Nash - Laughter and Love
  • Siobhan Mazzei - Courage of Your Convictions
  • Target By Numbers - Part of the Truth
  • Terry and Dead - Ballad of a Necrophiliac
  • Angelic Upstarts - Red Flag
  • The Rainkings - Nothing Set in Stone
  • Blossoms - Cut Me and I'll Bleed
  • Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards - Bones
  • The Black Lamps - Are There No More Surprises?
  • Joe Solo - No Pasaran!
  • The Hurriers - Britain Last
  • Paul Heaton - Everything is Everything

For over five years the HOPE not hate Facebook team have ended each evening with a song. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes groovy...

Always, whenever possible, it’s been topical.

There’s been banjos, there's been rap, there’s been pop, there’s been reggae, there’s been punk. There’s been Strange Fruit.

There’s been arguments, there’s been suggestions and even occasionally, the odd outrage. After all, it's only music.

Five years on, we still haven’t had Take That or One Direction, but we did have Simon Le Bon one night. For one night only.

Now those clever people that do the “Goodnight” song have got together and found 28 fantastic tracks by 28 fantastic artists and put them on a CD. Some you will have heard, some you will not have. There’s a few up and coming gems on the “Goodnight” CD as well as firm favourites.

We’re particularly pleased that those nice chaps in The Wonder Stuff even recorded a song especially for us! How good is that?

It’s coming out in May and all of the monies raised will go back into campaigning against racism and fascism.

The double-album is limited edition.

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EUROPE addresses: Price £11.98 inc p&p

USA / World addresses: Price £12.98 inc p&p